You can receive your healing and live the healthy life God has always planned for you.

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Exercise your faith TODAY!


Believe: Believe…and receive!

It’s God’s will for you to be healed, whole and complete. God wants you well!


Speak: Speak the Word every day.

Keep your words in line with God’s words by speaking God’s promises each and every day. God’s Word, taken daily like medicine, is health to your spirit, soul and body!


Pray: Great change starts with prayer.

There’s no better medicine than God’s promises for every part of your being. Pray God’s promises concerning your healing with these Bible-based prayers—and don’t let go!


Learn: Learn…and watch your faith soar!

Build a firm foundation on God’s Word concerning your healing by enjoying this content from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland about God’s will for you.


Apply: Put the Word to work for your healing!

Put the Word to work in your spirit, soul and body--and allow God's Word to work in you like medicine.