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What to Do When a New Christian Needs Healing

12 Sep 2015

by Gloria Copeland


When Ken and I started getting things straightened out 45 years ago, we had more problems than we had any idea how to solve, but we got born again and we got filled with the Spirit. Then, we began to hear God’s Word and act on it—and the Word changed everything in our lives for good! If you are a new Christian, you don’t have to wait until you know God’s Word frontward and backward in order to receive your healing. You can receive your healing now by putting a key spiritual principle to work.


Receive Your Healing by Walking in Love

Romans 13:10 says, “Love fulfills the requirements of God’s law.” As a Christian, love is your law. So if you’re walking in love, you can be sure you’re walking in line with God’s Word. Then begin to fine-tune your walk and your love life. Obey God’s Word in everything. Be quick to obey and make changes.

Right before Jesus went to the cross, He said it this way: “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you” (John 13:34).

Of course, you have to be born again to obey that commandment. If you were the same old, sinful creature you used to be, you’d keep on doing the same old things and getting the same old results. But, praise the Lord, that’s not the case! Because Jesus is now the Lord of your life, you’ve been made the righteousness of God. You’re a partaker of His divine nature. You have the ability to obey His Word!

If you’ll do it, if you’ll keep God’s commands, Jesus said He’ll manifest Himself to you and make Himself to be clearly seen by you (John 14:21). That means He’ll show up and do you good. He’ll bless you and heal your body.

Acting on God’s Word, walking in obedience to the command of love, is everything when it comes to living free, living healed and prospering. I’m not saying you have to be perfect. Everyone stumbles from time to time. When you do, just run to God, repent and receive His forgiveness. Then straighten up and get right back up and keep walking in the light of love.

We are called to minister together.

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