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We’re here for you
+27 (11) 699 7700

Have a question about the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast with Kenneth and Gloria Copeland? Want to attend a taping or order faith-focused resources you saw on a recent broadcast? Below are the most frequently asked questions our ministry receives concerning this Christian television program. If you have a question not answered here, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest KCM office for direct assistance. We’re here for you!

Note: If you’re experiencing technical issues, please contact us through this form.

Answer: The on-set broadcast is not recorded in front of a studio audience. However, our conventions and meetings are recorded and open to the public. Click here to view our current itinerary.

Answer: ​​For programming information, such as featured guest or topic, visit the Watch section. All other questions may be directed to our Contact Center, +27 (11) 699 7700 or or write to:

Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Private Bag X909, Fontainebleau, 2032

Answer: Currently, we do not offer an internship program. If you are interested in paid employment, please contact our Office.

Answer: You can download a copy of this week’s broadcast on our website. Simply navigate to our broadcast page by clicking here.

Answer: To place an order for an offer you saw on our BVOV broadcast, visit our KCM Store or call +27 (11) 699 7700.

Answer: Specific BVOV broadcasts are only occasionally re-aired. The best way to enjoy a past broadcast or event is to go to the Watch section and clicked on View Archived Broadcast, or KCM’s ROKU channel or mobile device app.

Answer: All BVOV broadcasts are closed-captioned. To access this feature, simply select the closed-captioned option on your television set. Note that our online broadcasts are not closed-captioned at this time, but plans are ongoing to provide this service.

Answer: Yes, the BVOV broadcast is available all around the globe! View our international listings, or view the broadcast anytime, anywhere online at

Answer: Current broadcasts can likely be watched on a TV station, cable provider or satellite service that covers your area. Check our online BVOV broadcast TV station list to find out more. You can also watch current and past broadcasts in the KCM.ORG Watch section, ROKU set-top box* or mobile device apps. And of course, you can go back in time and watch past broadcasts online as well. *See ROKU site for set-top box purchases outside of the U.S.

Answer: ROKU ( is a set-top box* that delivers broadcast quality programs to your TV set by way of your home’s Internet connection. KCM has a channel with hundreds of hours of programs that can be added to your ROKU box free of charge that delivers both the daily and weekly Believer’s Voice of Victory programs in high-definition to properly equipped televisions. And for children, KCM’s ROKU channel is the only place online that you can watch the Commander Kellie and the SuperKids series of four movies from the 1990’s produced by KCM. Note: ROKU does not charge any subscription fees for its hundreds of free channels although it does provide paid channels. The KCM ROKU channel is free. KCM is not affiliated with ROKU and does not necessarily endorse other programming that may exist there. ROKU is just one of many methods that KCM is using to reach the world. *See ROKU site for set-top box purchasing information (only sold in the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland).

Answer: Follow the instructions that came with the ROKU. You will need to create an online account including entering secured credit card information. The credit card information is between you and ROKU, and ROKU does not share this information with KCM. ROKU does not charge any fees for their basic service or free channels. There is only a charge to your credit card if you purchase premium channels or other products through the ROKU box. Once you are connected, you can add the KCM ROKU channel by navigating to the ROKU Channel Store by using your included ROKU remote. Go to the Religion & Spirituality section of the channel store, and scroll down until you find the KCM Jesus Is Lord logo, select it and follow the on-screen instructions to add the channel. Explore the KCM ROKU channel, and enjoy the hundreds of hours of free spirit-building programs there.

Answer: Yes, in the KCM Watch section there are audio or video download links for most items. Just click on the audio or video download link. You will then be prompted to save or open the file. If you select save you, will be prompted to select a place on your computer where you would like the file saved. Audio files are available as MP3 downloads and video files are available as MP4 files. Files, especially video files may be quite large, and depending on your Internet speed, could take an hour or more to download.

Answer: Yes, KCM Believers’ Conventions and most Victory Campaigns are live-streamed. Events are streamed through KCM’s 24 hour-a-day network, Victory Channel, you can access the network by going to GO.VICTORY.COM, the KCM ROKU Channel, FaithNOW App and KCM mobile apps. To watch a live event, go to the Watch section at KCM.ORG.ZA, and select BVOV Network.

Answer: Many streaming issues are caused by an intermittent Internet connection or low available bandwidth, and are not related to the live stream. Tips to resolve these issues:

  1.  Refreshing the web page or restarting your browser can resolve most intermittent connectivity issues.
  2. Temporarily pause other internet activity. Using other devices can negatively impact streaming quality because of reduced bandwidth.
  3. Check your connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If your connection is slower than usual, reset your internet modem or router. If that doesn’t resolve the issue we suggest you contact your ISP for more help.

Answer: You can save digital files by right-clicking on them and choosing to save them to your local disk. MP4 (video) and MP3 (audio) files can be played on most computers with native applications. Just double-click on them to open. To view PDF (ebook) files, you’ll need to install Adobe Reader. Note that some files are very large and may take a long time to download.