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Salvation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Are you a new Christian wanting to learn more about your new life?

Or do you know someone you’d like to introduce to Jesus, and help in their growth as a Christian?

Whatever the need, your answers are in God’s Word. Below, you’ll find help to clearly understand salvation and help others in their salvation journey, too.

Believers’ Voice Of Victory Magazine (BVOV)

In print since 1973, the Believers’ Voice of Victory magazine has transformed lives across the globe. The FREE monthly publication is filled with powerful tools for spiritual growth; articles by ministry leaders; and testimonies from people just like you and much more. Want more? Click on the interactive version of our magazine where you’ll find bonus content, videos and downloads.

No matter how serious your circumstances, they are subject to change, and you can have hope.  here are nine powerful reasons to have hope—no matter what.

Yes, there is God’s perfect timing, but it’s important to determine whether you’re waiting for His timing or if your delay is a hindrance that needs to be cast into the sea.


We are Bolder TOGETHER! Together we are VICTORY!
When you Partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, you become as much a part of KCM as Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. All that God has commissioned Kenneth and Gloria Copeland to do is done with the help of a team, and partnership is about coming alongside them to be a part of that team.
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