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Release the Power of God through Spirit-Led Prayers!

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Speaking in Tongues!

God sent the Holy Spirit to give us Power. Receive the benefits of Praying in tongues!

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2021 Southwest Believer’s Convention!

Where the West begins & faith never stops!

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Featured Content

Daily Devotional

You Hold the Keys by Kenneth Copeland

If you've been standing around wringing your hands and worrying about what the devil is doing, it's time you made...

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Question of the Day

Is it wrong to wear Yin Yang symbols?

The concept of yin and yang originates in ancient Chinese philosophy and has been identified with the philosophical religions of...

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2021 The Year of the Local Church

On 6th December 2020 Brother Copeland shared words The LORD has spoken to him about the year 2021. This is the year of the Local Church and more...

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Real Help

A Prayer for Rolling Your Cares onto the Lord

God has established a good and successful plan for your life. So you can trust Him with your cares.

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Believers’ Academy

Believer’s Academy Series

You have the right to choose to accept Jesus’ authority in your life. If you do, the Holy Spirit will begin to reveal to you how to think, how to live and how to speak in agreement with your choices that agree with God’s Word. So go ahead; choose life and blessings!

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