Faith That Gives Glory to God

Do you have faith that gives glory to God or does it question His power and goodness? Find out how to develop fully persuaded

26 May 2022

The Miraculous Realm of God’s Love

by Kenneth Copeland The entire new covenant—all that it involves—is wrapped up in love. According to God’s WORD, we can walk in perfected love

26 May 2022

8 Steps to Get More Out of Your Bible Study Time

You’ve heard that you need to study your Bible and give the Word a front-and-center place in your life. You may have even tried

26 May 2022

The 7 Companions of Faith

It can be frustrating. You’re reading the Word every day. You’re making the right confessions. But…something isn’t working. You aren’t seeing results. The temptation

26 May 2022

How To Renew Your Youth Like the Eagle

It was the year 1513. Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon was in search of the legendary Fountain of Youth. Many others have made similar

19 May 2022

A 5 Step Plan for Turning Your Health Around

Sometimes people think miraculous healings are only for those with life-threatening illnesses, but that isn’t the case at all. You don’t need to have

17 May 2022

3 Ways to Let the Holy Spirit Lead You Into All Truth

It’s easy to get led astray. You may not think so, but it’s true. Over time, influences like friends, co-workers and television can chip

6 May 2022

How the Holy Spirit Helps You

Who is the Holy Spirit, and why is He important? If you’re a new Christian or new to the Spirit-filled life, these may be questions

6 May 2022

Your Covenant of Protection

There is a place in Christ Jesus where we abide in the secret place of God’s protection. The world knows nothing about this secret

6 May 2022

How to Stand for Your Covenant Rights

You may not know it, but we’re at war. We’re in a spiritual battle—and we’re winning. But just like Israel had to rise up

6 May 2022

Is Healing Really for Everyone?

This one message on healing will forever alter how you see sickness and disease. by Kenneth Copeland Your days of sickness and disease are

22 Apr 2022

3 Ways to Combine Faith with Works to Live in Divine Health

When it comes to living in divine health, or anything else for that matter, there is a delicate balance between living by faith and

22 Apr 2022