A Call to Fasting and Prayer

Download Pastor George’s Fasting Hand Out HERE. Here at The Revival Capital of the World®, God is stirring our hearts on the importance of approaching

15 Jan 2024

Defeat Worry Forever With This Simple Strategy

Do you think worrying is just a normal part of life? You can defeat worry for good and live a life most people only

11 Jan 2024

4 Ways to Take Back Your Peace

Do you feel like your life has been robbed of the peace you so desperately need? Peace is a right Jesus died to give

11 Jan 2024

The Power of Partnership

If you’re a believer, you are called by God to do the works of Jesus. You’re not called just to sit on the sidelines

5 Jan 2024

2024—the Year of More and More and More and More!

Words of The LORD for 2024 through Kenneth Copeland 2024 is the year of more and more and more and more—and that’s just one

3 Jan 2024

There Are 4 Types of People Who Hear God’s Word

Which category do you fit in? Have you noticed how many of those personality or temperament tests there are these days? It seems as

29 Dec 2023

How To Double Your Effectiveness in Spiritual Warfare

Discover the Other Side of Your Sword of the Spirit! How many times have you thought to yourself: OK, enough is enough! Then you mustered up

29 Dec 2023

3 Ways To Contend for God’s Prophetic Word

When someone delivers a prophetic word from the Lord to the Body of Christ, most everyone is excited and praises God for it—and for

13 Dec 2023

Scriptures About the Prophet

Prophets can be a bit of a mystery. One thing is sure: We need prophets. God has set them among us to protect, watch,

13 Dec 2023

‘Oh, No! I’ve Made a HUGE Mistake!’

Have you made a HUGE mistake? Have you fallen into sin or experienced a broken relationship with a loved one? Have you made choices

8 Dec 2023

Helping My Child Forgive

There is freedom in forgiveness, and you want that freedom for your child. But where do you start? How can you teach them to

8 Dec 2023

5 Quick Tips for Holding Your Tongue

Always need to have the last word? Can’t stand it when you can’t respond to a criticism? Have trouble avoiding gossip? It’s time for

1 Dec 2023