Biblical Confessions for My Finances

God cares about your finances! Sound surprising? Did you know that there are more than 2,000 verses in the Bible that deal with financial

7 Aug 2020

25 Scriptures About Laughter and Joy

Got joy? If you’ve been caught in a season of disappointment or struggles, maybe you’ve lost your joy, and as a result, laughter is

15 Jul 2020

5 Ways to Live in Divine Health

Are you low on energy, having trouble losing weight, or feeling the effects of aging? You don’t have to be! Find out how you

15 Jul 2020

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Laughter for Your Spirit, Soul and Body

Is good health as easy as doing jumping jacks while watching a comedy? Science finally caught up with the Bible, revealing these surprising health

15 Jul 2020

Who’s Running Your Town—Faith or Fear?

Who’s running your town, faith or fear? Your influence in this world is far greater than you might think. by Kenneth Copeland Your influence

29 Jun 2020

How to Respond to a Prophecy

You’ve heard a prophecy. Now what? Find out how to respond to a prophecy and help the Word of God come to pass. You’ve

23 Jun 2020

Things I Learned From My Dad

Steadfast and committed! Of all the things I could say about my dad, Kenneth Copeland, those two words really stand out, because that’s the

8 Jun 2020

Powerhouse Confessions About Finances During Tough Times

There aren’t many things that can cause more stress and anxiety than financial pressure. It can be an all-consuming worry during the day and

28 May 2020

A Personalized Declaration of Psalm 91

Nothing the devil dishes out goes unanswered by the Word of God. Scripture is powerful. But it becomes even more so when we speak

28 May 2020

Is There Hope For Someone Lost In An Addiction?

Is there hope for someone lost in an addiction? With regard to bringing deliverance to another person, we have good news for you—there is

20 Mar 2020

4 Testimonies of God’s Manifest Power Through the Ministry of Angels

Did you know angels are a part of ministering the promise of healing to your body? Let these four testimonies feed your faith! When

20 Feb 2020

The Faith-Love Connection

Have you ever wondered what faith and love have to do with one another? Galatians 5:6 says, “For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth

21 Jan 2020