70 Tradition-Busting Scriptures

Tradition got you down? There’s just one way to go free—the truth! Whatever you’ve been taught by family members or churches, there’s only one

3 Nov 2023

How to Pass the Baton of Faith to the Next Generation

Are you leaving a legacy of faith? Learn how to pass the baton of faith to the next generation and fulfill your calling within

19 Oct 2023

Unlock God’s Master Plan for Your Life

by Gloria Copeland Have you unlocked God’s master plan for your life? When God created you, He designed you for a purpose, and He

19 Oct 2023

5 Secrets To Living Life in the Faith Lane

When you jump on a highway, you have a choice. You can drive in the slow lane, cruise along in the middle lane, or

11 Oct 2023

How To Receive Direction From God

Vaccine mandates, the infiltration of unbiblical teaching in our schools, and the increase of violence around the country. These alone are enough reason for

11 Oct 2023

A Prayer for a Loved One in Prison

Are you concerned about a friend or family member who is incarcerated? Sometimes, it can seem as if there is no way out and

6 Oct 2023

Are You Sinking Your Own Ship?

Are you facing financial, health or relationship struggles? You may hold the answer to your own problems. “Loose lips sink ships.” This phrase, which

21 Sep 2023

How To Stand Your Ground Against the Enemy

The devil appears to have launched a wave of attacks. COVID is trying to ramp up again. Our government has been making some crazy

14 Sep 2023

The 5 Fundamental Steps of Faith

What are you believing for? What is it that you need? For everything you need, FAITH IS YOUR ANSWER. Faith is a spiritual force

14 Sep 2023

14 Scriptures About Your Covenant of Protection

There is a place in Christ Jesus where we abide in the secret place of God’s protection. The world knows nothing about this secret

31 Aug 2023

The Covenant vs. the Contradiction: Which Side Are You On?

When you’re face-to-face with circumstances in your life, which side are you on? The covenant or the contradiction? READING TIME: 5 MINUTES Imagine that

31 Aug 2023

4 Ways to Take Up the Armor of God and Win!

Are you fully dressed for battle or is your only battle gear a helmet? Find out how you can take up the full armor

25 Aug 2023