Go From Sickness to Health

5 Steps to God’s Prescription by Gloria Copeland My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart

12 Aug 2021

Do You Qualify? The 5 Prerequisites for Promotion

Feeling like you’ll never move to the next level in life? Find out if you’re meeting the prerequisites for the promotion you’ve been dreaming

12 Aug 2021

7 Ways To Live in the Goodness of God

God is a good God. It seems simple, obvious and we know it’s scriptural. God is the giver of every good and perfect gift

29 Jul 2021

7 Keys to Take Your Healing by Faith!

If you need healing, you can’t sit back and wait for God to drop it down on you. You have to do what it

22 Jul 2021

How Do I Hear God’s Voice?

Do you ever have trouble hearing from God? Do you ever find yourself caught in confusing circumstances needing guidance, and yet even after praying

15 Jul 2021

How to Receive a Miracle: 10 Faith Actions You Can Take Today

Want to know how to receive a miracle? Find out what actions you can take to participate in His plan for you. If you

9 Jul 2021

How to Be Bold as a Lion

Do you approach life with the boldness of a lion? You have everything it takes to operate in spiritual boldness. Find out how to

2 Jul 2021

What is Speaking in Tongues?

God sent the Holy Spirit to give us power, transform us into effective witnesses and put us in contact with the deep things of

30 Jun 2021

Top 10 Questions About Healing

Questions about divine healing? We’ve got you covered with these Top 10 Questions About Healing. You asked questions about healing……and we heard you! Healing

30 Jun 2021

Gloria Copeland Prays for Your Healing

Healing is yours. Not “maybe” or “hopefully” yours. Not “someday” or “any day”. It’s yours right now. Jesus provided your healing on the cross, so

28 Jun 2021

The Favor of God Will Change Your Life!

God’s favor will change your life, and you already have it! Here are 4 points to access the favor of God each and every

28 Jun 2021

Why Your Breakthrough Is Closer Than You Think

Have you been searching high and low for your breakthrough? Find out why it’s closer than you think. READING TIME: 8 MINUTES Does your

14 Jun 2021