Grow Up in Love

Some people think love is so basic, it’s something only spiritual beginners must study. They consider the gifts of the Spirit—like tongues and interpretation,

1 Dec 2021

The Four Walls of Protection

There is a place where you are untouchable from any kind of attack. There is a place where everything is going to be all

20 Nov 2021

Develop Faith in the Father’s Love

by Kenneth Copeland “That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in

15 Nov 2021

36 Scriptures About Praising in the Storm

When times are tough, our thoughts are often pulled to the quickest solution or even fears about how things could get worse. Singing songs

15 Nov 2021

Unleash the Power of Praise and Thanksgiving

There is untapped power in praise and thanksgiving that belongs to you! This Thanksgiving, serve up a hearty portion of praise and thanksgiving! We

15 Nov 2021

How are Faith and Love Connected?

by Gloria Copeland Have you ever wondered what faith and love have to do with one another? How are they connected? Let’s examine this

8 Nov 2021

3 Ways God Proved His Love to You

Many Christians struggle to believe that God loves them. They have been raised in churches that promote the idea that God is angry or

8 Nov 2021

Take a Love Checkup

Love is the way to victory. It really is that simple. Without it, there is no hope of obtaining the blessings of the Lord

6 Nov 2021

5 Steps to Live Long & Strong

“With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.” – Psalm 91:16 The Bible has a lot to say about God’s

28 Oct 2021

7 Ways to Become an Expert on Healing

Healing can seem like a bear of a subject sometimes. And the devil would love for us to think it’s too much to comprehend, so

20 Oct 2021

What Is Jesus Doing Right Now?

by Kenneth Copeland Have you ever wondered what Jesus is doing right now—today? Most believers haven’t. They know what He did in the past.

15 Oct 2021

7 Ways Jesus Is Your “I AM”

Who is Jesus to you? The Gospel of John records seven times when Jesus referred to Himself as “I AM.” Each of these verses

14 Oct 2021