The Power of First Words

What is the first thing you say when you get bad news? It matters far more than you may realize. The power of first

19 Apr 2021

Six I’s of Faith for Supernatural Breakthrough

Need a breakthrough in your finances, health, or family? Check out Kenneth Copeland’s Six I’s of Faith for Supernatural Breakthrough! Are you standing in

9 Apr 2021

Step Into Resurrection Life

by Gloria Copeland Truly, it’s time for us to stop looking for the living among the dead. It’s time for us to stop wandering

29 Mar 2021

7 Ways to Destroy the Spirit of Racism

Racism, at its root, is really a spirit of division. Learn 7 ways to destroy the spirit of racism in your life and family!

19 Mar 2021

Why You Should Call Yourself Well Every Day

“She is not dead.” These were Jesus’ words in Luke 8:52 when a group of people had gathered to mourn Jairus’ daughter, who had

16 Mar 2021

6 Ways to Tackle Money Problems

When money problems come—and they come to many people—there are only two responses—the world’s way or God’s way. Many believers have trouble believing—really believing—they’ll

29 Jan 2021

Turning Financial Famine Around

It doesn’t have to be this way. An unexpected layoff, a hit to your small business as a result of COVID-19, or hourly work eliminated

29 Jan 2021

How Does Perfect Love Cast Out Fear?

Perfect love. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But let’s take a look at what the word perfect means in the verses we’re unpacking today. The

29 Jan 2021

Six Signs You’re Not Trusting in the Love of God

God loves you. Do you believe that? If you ever sat through Sunday school as a child, you probably believe that on a simple

29 Jan 2021

2021 The Year Of The Local Church – Why Assembling Is Nonnegotiable

Most would agree that the challenges facing the Church today would have been deemed unimaginable just one year ago. Only the enemy could have

4 Jan 2021

Advent Christmas – Jesus The Light of Salvation

Celebrating Jesus— The Light of Salvation This Christmas “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life

23 Dec 2020

Advent Week Four – The Light of Joy

Celebrating Jesus— The Light of Joy This Christmas “When they sat the star, they were filled with joy!” —Matthew 2:10   “I bring you

19 Dec 2020