21 Ways to Infuse Your Life With the Word of God

The Word of God can impact your life in powerful ways. It can teach you about God’s methods of doing things, give you hope and

25 May 2023

When Faith Boils Over: by Kenneth Copeland

Have you ever been praying about some persistent need in your life and found yourself wanting to ask The LORD, “Aren’t You ever going

25 May 2023

10 Scriptures About the Power of THE BLESSING

We are BLESSED. The Bible is chock-full of verses saying just that. Jesus paid the price for everything we could ever need or desire now and for

25 May 2023

How To Obliterate the Top 5 BLESSING Blockers

Are you experiencing a delay in receiving the desires of your heart? Yes, there is God’s perfect timing, but it’s important to determine whether

25 May 2023

9 Reasons To Have Hope—No Matter What

If you’ve lost hope and can’t find a reason to ever hope again, here are 9 Reasons to Have Hope—No Matter What! “I hope

25 May 2023

65 Verses About the Goodness of God

You likely know that God is good—but do you really know how great His goodness is and how much He wants to bestow it

25 May 2023

How to Overcome Emotional Trauma

Has a painful childhood or life experience left you feeling broken? You CAN heal and take back your life!  Learn how to overcome emotional

18 May 2023

15 Scriptures to Stand On to Receive a New Body Part

What body part are you in need of today? An eye, eardrum, heart, kidney, thyroid or hip? Whatever it is, you don’t have to

18 May 2023

4 Ways To Praise Your Way Into Perfect Soundness

Did you know that through Jesus, you can walk in “perfect soundness”? All the time? Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually? In every way? The

18 May 2023

10 Healing Confessions for Every Day

Contending for healing and remaining in divine health can feel like a roller coaster ride. One day you’re feeling strong and ready for the

6 Dec 2022

3 Things to Do When the Pain Is Too Much

Pain is a very real symptom. It can wear you out and leave you shaken. You can try to dull it with painkillers, but

6 Dec 2022

Winning the Battle to Make Ends Meet

God wants you to financially prosper and to live a blessed life. Do you believe that? Or do you find yourself living in a

1 Dec 2022