2024—the Year of More and More and More and More!

Words of The LORD for 2024 through Kenneth Copeland 2024 is the year of more and more and more and more—and that’s just one of the words of The LORD for 2024 through Kenneth Copeland! In fact, Brother Copeland received three words from The LORD concerning 2024, with this one delivered at the St. Louis […]

There Are 4 Types of People Who Hear God’s Word

Which category do you fit in? Have you noticed how many of those personality or temperament tests there are these days? It seems as if there is a self-test you can take for just about everything. It would not be unusual to hear someone who had taken one of those test say, “I am an […]

3 Ways To Contend for God’s Prophetic Word

When someone delivers a prophetic word from the Lord to the Body of Christ, most everyone is excited and praises God for it—and for good reason. Prophecies bring the Lord’s fresh perspective and Anointing to current events and situations. They give us hope, encouragement and direction—particularly when they include a promise we can’t wait to […]

Scriptures About the Prophet

Prophets can be a bit of a mystery. One thing is sure: We need prophets. God has set them among us to protect, watch, release miracles, confirm and impart gifts, engage culture, uproot, plant, tear down, and build—all through speaking out God’s message to His people, at His direction. You have a part to play […]

What’s in Store for 2022?

The Lord Is Speaking…. “In 2022, you’ll know what to do.” That’s how Brother Copeland sums up the word of the Lord he received for the upcoming new year. Most of us can remember life without GPS (though it sure does make life easier!), but none of us has ever been without a map. Knowing […]

How to Respond to a Prophecy

You’ve heard a prophecy. Now what? Find out how to respond to a prophecy and help the Word of God come to pass. You’ve just heard a prophecy. It could have been a personal prophecy, or a word from the Lord delivered corporately, or to a group of people. Either way, you are now in […]