KCM going the extra mile

From 2000-2003, we were missionaries in Moscow. Our son was 5-8 years old. He contracted symptoms of the Sars virus one evening. We had on our healing CD and were praying intensely because we did not trust the Russian medical system and did not have the means to fly him out of Russia like the […]

Miraculous healing testimony

Thank you, Gloria and Kenneth Copeland and the rest of the KCM team, for all you are doing and your prayers. Your books and teachings have greatly blessed me. In 2015 I was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit. I was hospitalized for nearly two weeks and was diagnosed with severe liver failure. My […]

Holding on to faith

I recently learned a life-changing law about faith (one of many) from Brother Copeland’s ‘Faith Is’ series. One, in particular, is how when you release your faith, you don’t turn it loose until the thing you believe in manifests. I applied this law recently when I asked God for extra money to meet some requirements. […]

A Home From God

My husband and I stayed in our own home in Krugersdorp, and he worked for quite a large salary. So although our house was paid for and we had NO OTHER Debt, we still had our monthly payments. My husband then got ill with cancer and had to stopped working, which meant that we could […]


I’ve been a partner with KCM since 1998, and I was addicted to drugs and heading to an early grave when I ran headfirst into God’s Grace through the teachings of Kenneth and Gloria. This Saved and Blessed my spirit, soul, and body, financially and socially, FOREVER. I do online missionary work, and it’s also […]

TOEFL exam money

Sometime in 2015, I planted my partner’s seed, asking for prayer for direction as to where to find a place to study for a PhD. Early this year, I found a place in Canada. However, one of the application requirements was that I take a TOEFL exam, which in Zimbabwe was going to be difficult […]

Restored and delivered from suicide, drugs, sex etc

After several prayer requests to your South African office and over many years (10 years), God restored and delivered my eldest daughter Merissa from every bondage thinkable. Her eldest son (age 8) stayed with us, and her other two kids (age 3 & 4) were with their father. We had her stay with us, and […]

Testimony of God’s Favour

I have successfully completed my MBA Dissertation in my business school. I asked you to pray for me through every step of the Research Process, and God has answered your prayers in awesome moves of the Holy Spirit. I asked you to pray for a quick turnaround in the research department at my business school, […]

Amy’s life challenge

16/02/2016 my daughter – 26 weeks pregnant, went into labour. I phoned the KCM prayer line to stop the labour process and the birth. But Amy was born only 730g. She was very small. We were told not to get attached; she would not live. I remember what I read on your website and started […]


I asked for Prayer for me to graduate with my MBA from Mancosa in September by making it possible for me to submit my Final Dissertation before July 1st 2016. I was able to submit my Final Dissertation on June 08, 2016. Praise the Lord!