Stand on My WORD!

“If you will take the things that I have shared with you; and if you will use My WORD; and if you will use the power that you received when you receive the Holy Ghost; and if you will stand on My WORD; all the spirits that have been dogging your track will flee in […]

‘I Have Given You Everything!’

“I never planned for you to fail. My plan does not include your failure. My plan was never ever for anybody to be broke, to be sick, to be hurt or to die prematurely. My plan was never for anybody to die in the first place. That’s the reason that I overcame satan’s interruption in […]

‘The Year of Victory over Death’

“Put your eyes where they need to be. Look at Me,” saith The LORD. “Put My WORDS where they need to be—in your heart and mind,” saith The LORD. “Demand that your mouth and your tongue of faith do its command duty to speak My WORD and commune with Me for I have great plans, […]

‘Come On Up Here’

“Don’t be so quick to declare what can’t happen because it’s impossible. Inquire of Me,” saith The LORD. “All things are possible with Me. I’ll tell you how. I’ll show you things that you never dreamed of before. I’m always searching to and fro for those to whom I can show Myself strong. I will […]

‘It Brings Me Great Honor!’

“It is My will,” saith The LORD, “that he that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do because I go to My Father. And it brings great honor and great glory to Me, to the Father and to this great kingdom of […]

‘Words From Heaven’

“Words from heaven are available to you 24 hours a day if you know Me as Lord and Savior. I have guaranteed these things for you. I have given them to you and I will personally back it when you inquire of the Father. And He will tell you and do for you the same […]

God Is on the Move!

“What has been called the war on terror is about to make an unexpected turn. The news media and all of those that do that kind of thing will say, ‘Wow, we never expected this to happen. Oh, what do we think now?’ And all of the analysts will come out and they’ll all talk […]

‘Yield to Me’

LEROY: “Many in the world have never seen My ability,” saith the Lord. “They have not seen because they cannot see in the spirit world. I will reveal My ability through the manifestation of My wealth through My servants, that those who cannot see will be able to see Me in My goodness, in My […]

Taking Your Authority

For you see in the Garden of Eden when I called Adam to his work, I had already allocated to his life all that it would ever take for him to be enormously successful. And when I called you into your ministry, then I set aside, before I ever called you, more, much more, than […]