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‘The Year of Victory over Death’

Kenneth Copeland

23 Oct 2013

“Put your eyes where they need to be. Look at Me,” saith The LORD. “Put My WORDS where they need to be—in your heart and mind,” saith The LORD. “Demand that your mouth and your tongue of faith do its command duty to speak My WORD and commune with Me for I have great plans, and together, we will get this job done. I will organize things for you. I will run where you’ve only been able to walk. I will take you to places that you never dreamed—that you would ever even understand. And I will bring you into a place of holiness, and a place of presence with Me, that will bring you to that spot that you were in just a moment ago—where you don’t know whether you dare speak anymore or not.

“Ah, for like Moses: ‘I’m standing on holy ground. My God is present and I am no longer His servant, I am His son, and I serve Him out of joy and thanksgiving.’

“So give forth praise, and know I am withholding nothing from you. There’s more than enough planned for you to overcome every obstacle—not only physically, not only mentally, not only financially—but spirit, soul, body, finance: in the entire spectrum of human existence has been prepared for you to walk in victory.

“Ah, these are the days of God’s great wisdom and wealth coming into the earth, for these are the days of transfer. His property, His wealth, His influence is being transferred from the coffers of the world and the kingdom of darkness, and being brought into the treasure house of the kingdom of God to carry out the gospel of this Kingdom, and to carry out the missions and the lives that I have invested in you to bring into the Kingdom.

“So rejoice. You’ve been rich all the time and some of you are just now finding out about it. Ah, but you’re a joint heir. You are a wealthy heir. You already have it—it already belongs to you. Now appropriate it and call for it, and your angels and I,” saith The LORD, “will get it into your hands. Aha, these are the days you’ve been looking for. These are the days you’ve been waiting for. So rejoice. Step out, and step up, and step in. Hallelujah!

“Ah. What about 2014? 2014 is a marvelous year in the kingdom of God. And as I said earlier,” saith The LORD, “it is The Year of Victory Over Death and the Manifestation of Love. Manifested love, which is Jesus Himself. For I am manifesting Myself in 2014 in ways that I have not done in many, many centuries. I am manifesting Myself in 2014 in ways that I have never done before on this planet. For you see, I have many things in store for this generation that have never been seen before. For it is time for the ingathering of more souls than has ever happened on planet Earth before. The time has come, and you’re in it. Hallelujah! You’re in it.”

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