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‘Yield to Me’

Leroy Thompson

1 Jun 2006

LEROY: “Many in the world have never seen My ability,” saith the Lord. “They have not seen because they cannot see in the spirit world. I will reveal My ability through the manifestation of My wealth through My servants, that those who cannot see will be able to see Me in My goodness, in My mercy, in My power, in My abundance. Yea, those who walk with Me and walk in My covenant will have to be a revelation to those who cannot see My goodness and My provision and how much I love them. And once they see you walking in My provision, they will ask questions, they will desire to know Me, and then you will be able to preach the gospel to them and they’ll be able to come into the family of God. Yea, even My wealth being upon Abraham, being upon Isaac, being upon Job, being upon Solomon, attracted people to My covenant, and they were brought into My covenant by the wealth of those men.”

KENNETH: Oh, glory to God.

LEROY: Hallelujah, I heard that in the spirit.

KENNETH: Oh, LORD, thank You. We praise You.

LEROY: How important it is.

KENNETH: Oh, hallelujah.

LEROY: How important it is.

KENNETH: Oh, my goodness.

LEROY: “So would you let it go for Me? Would you put aside your agenda? Would you put aside what you thought of wealth, what you thought of increase, what you have thought of abundance? And would you, for Me, open your heart because you love Me, because you have sowed your life into My work? Would you let Me do for you and through you what I want to do, so we can take care of this aspect of the covenant of the Kingdom? Yea, I will do it through you.

“You don’t know how, you don’t know when, but yield to Me as other servants have done in this area and let Me do it through you. You will not lose your love, you will not lose your worship, you will not lose your praise, you will not lose your respect for Me because you love Me. Let Me add on to what I’ve done for you. Let Me take this burden off you. Let Me take this yoke off your neck. This yoke needs to be destroyed. This burden needs to be lifted from your life just like all the other burdens I lifted. I filled you with the Holy Ghost. I healed your body. I’m the same God knocking on your heart. I’m the same God. I want you to have this life. I want you to have the abundant life. I want you to have this freedom. I want you to have this liberty.

“I want you to have this anointing in your life. Yea, yield to Me! Yield to Me as you sit there. Yield to Me as you drive. Yield to Me as you stand there. I’m speaking to you today. Today will be a beginning in your life where you will open up some of these things you already know, but you have resisted because others told you so. Now open your heart, let it come in. I’m about to manifest Myself in your life, that the whole world will know that it was Me and it wasn’t you,” saith the Lord.

KENNETH: Oh, LORD, we receive it. Lift your hands right now wherever you are and just receive that word. Oh, Jesus. Thank You, LORD. Thank You, LORD.

LEROY: “Was it not in My Word I said to owe no man anything but to love him? I’m speaking to you now. I made it possible through My Word in Deuteronomy 28 that you will be the lender and not the borrower.

“That wasn’t just a fictitious statement. That’s part of My covenant. I said you’ll be the head and not the tail. I said you’ll be above and not beneath. I said I’ll bless you in the city. I said I’ll bless you in the field. You have kept My commandment, you have kept My Word, you have honored Me, you have sowed in this ministry, you have sowed your tithe, given your tithes and your offerings, you have worshiped Me and you have praised Me. But I declare in your presence, in your house, where you’re sitting now, this is your hour,” saith the Lord.

KENNETH: Mm, mm, mm, mm! Oh, thank You, Jesus. Thank You, LORD. Thank You, LORD. Oh, we praise You. We receive it. Oh, we praise You and we receive it. We receive it. We receive it.

LEROY: “This must be a presentation of My presence in the earth’s realm that they have never seen before. They have never seen an Abraham walk in this generation. Yea, but they will see it now because I’m releasing that anointing loose all over the world right now, over homes and houses and over believers who will tune in to My word at this moment. You are listening to this word because you love Me and, yeah, because you hear and because I’ve used my servant Kenneth Copeland to open this door for you. You will be blessed like you have never seen before, because at this point, as you raise your hand wherever you are, I’m about to cancel debt in your life. I’m about to break every financial yoke that has been on your life. I’m about to lift every financial burden supernaturally by My power and by My glory and by My ways and by My purpose and by My wisdom. Oh! Whoa! Whoa! This is your hour.”

KENNETH: Hallelujah. Ah, receive it.

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