This Is the Time I’ve Been Looking For!’

“There are those that think they’ve gotten rid of Me,” saith The LORD. “There are those who think if they ignore Me, then I’ll have little to say and little to do in their lives. But I have dealt with such matters. For many, many, many years I have dealt with government leaders. I have […]

‘Pray Over These Elections’

“Pray over these elections. Pray and seek Me and I’ll reveal to you how to vote. It’s important that you vote. For you see, I gave you the privilege of living in a country where you have a say in your government. But if you will not obey Me, if you will not listen to […]

‘I’m Raising Up a People’

“I’m moving by My Spirit,” saith The LORD. “I’m raising up a people that will listen to what I say. I’m raising up a people that will believe My WORD and are glad and thrilled to lay hold and lay claim what I say in My WORD. Those that have a desire to be like […]

The Kingdom Is at Hand!

“I have been in the process of this for many, many years,” saith The LORD and the Spirit of grace. “But the time is at hand. I am looking to and fro across the earth for those to whom I may show Myself strong and transfer My property and My influence in the earth out […]

‘Come to the Table’

(Tongues) “I got plans that you ain’t even ever dreamed of,” saith The LORD, “far beyond your wildest imagination, and I did it just for you. Heaven is overloaded with things that I have prepared for your enjoyment. And, if you’ll just simply come to that place where you just say, ‘God, I’m so grateful,’ […]

‘Manifestation of the Glory’

“Corporate, corporate, corporate, it will be corporate. And men shall see, and men shall see and men shall be; and men shall be the manifestation of the Glory of the Lord. Mmmm, and walk as the light in this dark night, the Church of His choosing shall shine so bright. “And then we’ll be losing […]

‘Release THE BLESSING on This Creation’

“Oh, yes, don’t you know,” saith The LORD, “don’t you understand that My Scripture says the whole creation is moaning and groaning for a manifestation of the sons of God? Somebody to take authority over it. Somebody to have dominion over it in the power of the love and the faith of the Almighty and […]

The Glory Is Rising!

“There is a Tsunami of His glory in the making right now. There are born-again men and women around this world who will never, ever experience the glory of God coming up out of them. Because even though it is in there, it has been choked and it has been put down—by fear mostly. And […]

‘Strongholds Are Falling!’

The word of The LORD just came to me. Catch hands with one another. We need to pray. Glory to God. The devil and all those that will listen to him are putting an enormous amount of pressure on the president, those around him that are seeking God’s wisdom and God’s will on what to […]

Divine Appointments

“…Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…[tongues]…no, no, no. I’ll not be denied,” saith the Lord. “I’ll not be denied what I want and what I’ve desired and what I have set forth to attain. I will not be denied by some foolish so-called leader. I’ll not be denied by that group of military […]