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The Glory Is Rising!

Kenneth Copeland

3 Mar 2006

“There is a Tsunami of His glory in the making right now. There are born-again men and women around this world who will never, ever experience the glory of God coming up out of them. Because even though it is in there, it has been choked and it has been put down—by fear mostly. And by doubt, which is fear, and by unbelief, which is fear. Fear administered by religious hierarchy and demons sitting in the places of pulpits. It has come because of men putting other men under their heel. The only thing,” saith The LORD, “that I did not give man dominion over was other men. I called you to lead other men, not dominate them. I don’t dominate them and I don’t intend for you to, or anybody else.

“And there are those that the only way they will make the Rapture of the Church is by being jublieed in because of the unbelief and the fear that has impregnated the congregation. And as an act of My love I’ll allow them to experience the glory and moments of it in order to jubilee them into a place. Give them a shout of glory. Give them the joy of The LORD so that they can rise up to a place above that fear and unbelief and meanness to other Christians.

“Ah, but there is a people alive and on the earth today that are walking in the light of the knowledge of the glory and they are the ones. And many, many, many of them are here in this place tonight and in the overflow rooms tonight. And in every city across this nation, every city around the world, there’s somebody that’s in My WORD and listening to My voice. And the glory’s rising, and the glory’s rising and the power is rising and the river is rising. The flood is on the way. The flood is on the way. The rain is coming, only this time it’s not coming out of the clouds from above. It’s coming out of the clouds that are here—the people, the building blocks of the Body of Christ. The glory is in YOU!

“As you pray in one place and as you intercede for a person, for a family, for a church, for a county, for a city, for a state, for a nation, all the way around on the other side of the world it’ll stir the glory of God in some pastor, some missionary, some believer and it’ll begin to spread. And you don’t even know who they are yet. But your light comes up over here and their light comes up over there and the lights are coming together. It is time for the glory! The glory’s here! It’s not coming someday. This is called the glorious gospel. The glory is in His Word, the glory is in His Name. The glory is in your bosom.”

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