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‘Strongholds Are Falling!’

Kenneth Copeland

25 Aug 2005

The word of The LORD just came to me. Catch hands with one another. We need to pray. Glory to God. The devil and all those that will listen to him are putting an enormous amount of pressure on the president, those around him that are seeking God’s wisdom and God’s will on what to do and how to protect this nation and to follow and move by the direction of God. And we need to hold him up in prayer right now.

Oh, Father. Let’s just all begin to pray. Let’s just all pray in the Holy Ghost right now. Pray for the president and the vice president and the Congress and all of the leaders of this nation. Praise God. The hand of The LORD be on every spirit of terrorism in the Name of Jesus. I rebuke you. You crawl on your belly in the dirt!

Oh Father, we pray for the leaders of this nation. We pray for President Bush right now. We pray the protection of the Lord God, all of the angels, and we plead the blood over him and over his family. Thank You for it, Father. We come against every devil that’s planting death and destruction for this nation, for the nation of Israel, and other nations around the world. We rebuke you, death. We rebuke you, we rebuke you, we rebuke you by the blood of the Lamb, by the Name of Jesus. Oh (tongues) hallelujah, oh hallelujah. Thank You, LORD, thank You, LORD.

“There will be information released (tongues)”…there will be information released over the next three months that will be startling revelation, and many people will be surprised and shocked about what they did not know. Information concerning this war on terrorism. This attack that satan has made in the earth in his attempt to stop the move of God throughout this planet. He’s never been able to do it and he won’t be able to do it now. So continue to watch and to pray and to hold up those that are in authority. Pay little to no attention at what you see and hear through the news media. They know little to nothing about what’s going on. But I will reveal some things, and I will cause the cover to be pulled away. And some startling things will be made known, hallelujah. And you’ll remember: I heard about that at that Overflow Convention. The victory that you are seeking, the victory over the forces arrayed against you as a nation and as a people, are much closer to victory than you think it is. The victory is much closer than you think it is. It is at hand. All you’ve been able to see is the movement of the military. But My military, saith The LORD, has been at work all the time. I am your most important ally in this war, because this attack has been against Me, saith The LORD Jesus of Nazareth. I am the primary target. I am the primary enemy and you are the visible enemy of those that have attacked you. But I’ve been moving all the time. Certain things take place that must take place. Very difficult for you to understand because you only live and observe in approximately a 100-year span of time. But I have been observing and I have been dealing with this for thousands of years, and certain things had to come to pass and certain things have to come to pass yet. But you see, the end of all of this is very, very close at hand and one by one right on time I am closing the noose on the devil’s neck, and one by one his strongholds are falling. One by one, they are turning to no more, no more, no more, no more. And just as the spirit of Communism fell, just as the beast of Nazism fell, just as the beast and the horror of Fascism fell, the spirit of Islam is doomed! It’ll come down and be no more.

This is the word of The LORD and that’s the way it is. We praise You and thank You. We take it to heart.

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