Holy Spirit Broadcasts

Good day uncle Kenneth, aunty Gloria and the rest of the KCM team. I thought I would write to KCM and thank Uncle Kenneth for the series titled “Make the Holy Spirit Your Power Partner…” which he taught last week. I have never learnt so much about the Holy Spirit and the Baptism in the […]

Watch for Me!

“The nation of Venezuela is very special in My eyes,” saith The LORD. “This nation was dedicated to Me many, many, many years ago. Most people have forgotten it. Many people today don’t even know about it. But I haven’t forgotten about it,” saith The LORD. “I have not forgotten, nor have I taken My […]

Stand on My WORD!

“If you will take the things that I have shared with you; and if you will use My WORD; and if you will use the power that you received when you receive the Holy Ghost; and if you will stand on My WORD; all the spirits that have been dogging your track will flee in […]

2015 Prophetic Words

The Lord is speaking to us about 2015, and it’s important to know what the Lord is saying! Watch this video with Pastors George and Terri Pearsons as they review what the Lord has said about 2015 so far through Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle and Keith Butler. Plus, you can download all the prophetic words […]

‘A Praying Generation!’

“I have prepared a people. I’ve been preparing this generation for some time now. This is a praying generation. And I must tell you,” saith the Spirit of grace, “I haven’t had a praying generation in many years. But this is a praying generation. “I have people praying all over the world. There is constant […]

This Is the Time I’ve Been Looking For!’

“There are those that think they’ve gotten rid of Me,” saith The LORD. “There are those who think if they ignore Me, then I’ll have little to say and little to do in their lives. But I have dealt with such matters. For many, many, many years I have dealt with government leaders. I have […]

‘The Flood Is On!’

“Now you saw firsthand what a flood and outpouring can do when it falls on natural land and natural things. It goes into places where it never was intended to be. There’ll be water in places where nobody wanted water. And there’ll be water higher than anybody wanted to be. And the water begins to […]

‘I’m Raising Up a People’

“I’m moving by My Spirit,” saith The LORD. “I’m raising up a people that will listen to what I say. I’m raising up a people that will believe My WORD and are glad and thrilled to lay hold and lay claim what I say in My WORD. Those that have a desire to be like […]

This Is My Time, This Is Your Time!

“Oh, the largest gospel army that has ever walked the face of this planet is alive and strong and listening to Me and hearing My voice at this very time, at this very moment. They are all over this earth. There are millions upon tens upon hundreds of millions of My people filled with the […]

I Am a Friend of God

“I call you not servants, for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth, but I have called you friends. You can know what your Lord doeth. And if you’ll open your hearts and become a part of the spirit that doth work in you in this tonight you, My friends, will walk henceforth in […]