5 Steps to Take Financial Dominion

Learn to rule your finances! Get God’s plan to prosper and bless you, so you can take financial dominion once and for all! You have control. It may not seem that way at times, but that’s how God designed it. From the beginning, dominion was His plan for you—over the earth and everything in it (Genesis 1:28). Though Satan […]

No-Fear Parenting: How to Parent With Confidence

The currency of this world is fear. Why? Because fear entices. Fear motivates. Fear sells. Unfortunately, this mindset has permeated the parenting world as well. As parents, we face a dizzying array of questions. Does your child refuse to eat salad? Be afraid! He will end up with diabetes! Does your child have red-rimmed eyes? […]

Unshakable: 6 Ways To Live Fear Free

Sometimes it seems like everywhere we turn, someone is speaking or promoting bad news—from TV shows and movies to well-meaning family and friends talking about negative things. It seems like much of our society is so conditioned to evil and fear, and they unknowingly welcome it like an old friend. Yet this was never God’s […]

70 Tradition-Busting Scriptures

Tradition got you down? There’s just one way to go free—the truth! Whatever you’ve been taught by family members or churches, there’s only one source of truth, and that’s God’s Word. If you’ve been believing that miracles aren’t for today, healing isn’t for everyone, or God is the author of anything evil in this world, […]

How Faith Works in Your Life

by Kenneth Copeland A lot of Christians think they understand what faith is. They think that if they’ve read their Bibles a few times, understand the message of salvation and believe that God can heal them (or deliver them or save them), then they are living by faith. They’ve made a decision that God loves […]

5 Characteristics of Bulldog Faith

Do you have bulldog faith? You can! Learn the 5 characteristics of bulldog faith and start pursuing what belongs to you today! Bulldogs have a reputation. Sure, they have cute wrinkles on their foreheads, but it isn’t their appearance that draws the most attention. Bulldogs are a breed of remarkable ferocity, courage and tenacity of […]