Deposit for new house

On the 17th of June, I sent you an email requesting you to stand with me in prayer for a deposit for my new home. The Lord provided for that deposit, and my house was registered on the 19th of June. To top it all, I even got a refund this morning from the Attorneys, […]

Brother Delivered from addiction

Thank you for being in agreement with my family and I regarding deliverance for my brother from drug addiction. He was on drugs for years since he was at school and even dropped out of school due to that lifestyle, BUT thanks be to God, who always causes us to triumph!! Justin Tyler Singh is […]

Prayer for Employment

Two years back, I asked the KCM team to pray for me to get a job, you even gave me scriptures to read and encouraged me that God is my source, He will take care of me whether I have a job or not. In February I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to […]