‘Take Command Over Time!’

“Spending that time with Me,” saith The LORD, “is vital not only to your future but your moment-to-moment life, day in and day out. You have relegated My miracle-working power and My work in your life far too much to the future. Faith is now! Yes, you had to learn how to take The WORD, […]

‘I’ve Longed for This Day!’

“Oh! I’ve longed for this day,” saith The LORD. “You are just now beginning to have a small concept and a small idea of what it’s like to desire heaven and what it’s like to desire to be over on the other side. You’re just getting a little taste of it. The Apostle Paul got […]

A Time of Great Opportunities

“It’s a time of great wealth for you. A time of opportunities, great opportunities…. You tell them to get their eyes on Me…I’ve got a plan. I’ve got something going here. I’ve got it working. They can walk in it…. Continue to stay in My rest….Heaven’s release is continuing to increase. It’s building up. Enjoy […]

‘We Are in This Together’

(Tongues) “Oh, I long for the time,” saith The LORD, “I long for My children to know and to understand the Eden that I’ve developed for their lives. And so many, for so long, have done without when there was no need to; have gone sick and hungry when there was no reason for it; […]

The Time Has Come to Step Out!

“Every spiritual gift, every endowment of the Holy Ghost necessary, carry out the assignment as God has given you in the earth is imparted into you. Strong measure and you’ll not fail it, in the Name of Jesus,” hallelujah. “Don’t draw back from the front lines of glory. The thing I have invested in you […]