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The Time Has Come to Step Out!

Kenneth Copeland

26 Oct 2007

“Every spiritual gift, every endowment of the Holy Ghost necessary, carry out the assignment as God has given you in the earth is imparted into you. Strong measure and you’ll not fail it, in the Name of Jesus,” hallelujah. “Don’t draw back from the front lines of glory. The thing I have invested in you is no small thing. Don’t stand back any more and wait. It’s a good thing. You’re to be commended in this because you’ve obeyed My WORD. But I not only told you to wait. I told you the time would come, and when the time would come, you would step out and charge the enemy with the power of My Spirit. And the time has come to step up, step out and step into that that I’ve called you to do,” saith the Spirit of grace.

Hallelujah. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Jesus’ Name. Receive, receive, receive.

“It’s time to receive. Get your eyes off of the ground in which you have sown. Money. You have sown time. You have sown tears. Lift your eyes up off the ground into which you have sown and fasten them on The LORD of the harvest. It’s time to receive overwhelming, overflowing, overcoming glory and breakthrough, and harvest of such magnitude that human words fail to express it.”

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We are called to minister together.

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We are called to minister together.

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