‘My Time Has Come!’

“Why should you be so astounded and shocked at the dominating power of My WORD? Every moment, every second that this planet has been alive I planned every tick of the clock from then until now, and I can name every moment. I can call every second by name. And you are divinely placed in […]

‘I Have a Plan’

“Don’t be so concerned about what you see coming on the earth. Don’t be so concerned about what you see coming in this nation. I am The LORD your God. I am watching over you. I have a plan. It is a good plan. It is a good plan for you. I’ve had a good […]

Stand on My WORD!

“If you will take the things that I have shared with you; and if you will use My WORD; and if you will use the power that you received when you receive the Holy Ghost; and if you will stand on My WORD; all the spirits that have been dogging your track will flee in […]

Let Me Have Time With You!

“I will increase it in your life. I’ll cause it to bring forth manifestations in your life. Just relax and enjoy it. You don’t have to work at My WORD all the time. Let My WORD work in you. Relax and enjoy it. Study it, yes. Read it, yes. Listen to it, yes. Talk about […]

‘We’ll Do This Thing Together!’

“Oh folks, oh folks, listen to The LORD your Savior, your Leader, your Guide. I have plans for you that are beyond anything you ever imagined. I have plans for you who are in the ministry. I have plans for you who are in ministries of helps. I have plans for you who are in […]

‘I’ve Longed for This Day!’

“Oh! I’ve longed for this day,” saith The LORD. “You are just now beginning to have a small concept and a small idea of what it’s like to desire heaven and what it’s like to desire to be over on the other side. You’re just getting a little taste of it. The Apostle Paul got […]

‘It’s About to Happen!’

“I am drawing back the curtain on mathematics. I’m drawing back the curtain on chemistry. I’m drawing back the curtain on all of the sciences and all of the things that men are searching so diligently. You see, the devil tried to protect all of that mess from Me, but he can’t do that. And […]

‘My Plan Is Taking Place!’

“There is an increase all over the earth, a release from heaven, through the earth, to the people who are hungry for the things of the Spirit. For this is a time of greater release of revelation of My Word and truth,” saith The LORD, “than has happened in past days ever before. For you […]

‘I Have Given You Everything!’

“I never planned for you to fail. My plan does not include your failure. My plan was never ever for anybody to be broke, to be sick, to be hurt or to die prematurely. My plan was never for anybody to die in the first place. That’s the reason that I overcame satan’s interruption in […]

Prepared for This Very Time!

“You have been being prepared,” saith The LORD of grace. “You have been being readied for this very time. For in this move of My Spirit not only has there been launched the largest gathering of souls mankind has ever seen on this planet, but also the breakdown of Babylon’s influence that came onto mankind […]