South Africa Victory Campaign – May 12, 2023

  THROUGH KENNETH COPELAND 12 MAY 2023 |RANDBURG SOUTH AFRICA, RHEMA BIBLE CHURCH NORTH   The angels of God, the messenger angels of God that are hovering in this place, and all over the campus here and all over the property. And all over the property that is about to come into the hand of […]

‘You Ought to be Ashamed!’

“I’m going to correct you again,” saith The LORD. “How dare you spirit-filled, baptized, tongue-talking, adult pray-ers, be the least bit concerned about this nation! I’ve been in the political business since Nimrod. I’ve handled politicians who would swallow Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, at one gulp. I jerked the slack out of pharaohs, split seas, […]

‘If You Will Help Me!’

“And the rest of the world is going to finally see a nation that really knows, and to see a nation and what a nation looks like where racism has been defeated. People are going to see people worshiping together; all kinds of people, all kinds of races of people, all kinds of ideas, because […]