Defeat Worry Forever With This Simple Strategy

Do you think worrying is just a normal part of life? You can defeat worry for good and live a life most people only dream of! Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m. in the middle of pouring monsoon rains, 91,000 people crowd into Faith Tabernacle Church in Canaan Land, Nigeria. It’s an awesome sight—and that is […]

4 Ways to Take Back Your Peace

Do you feel like your life has been robbed of the peace you so desperately need? Peace is a right Jesus died to give you. You can take back your peace and keep it for good! There’s a thief in our midst. No alarm system, security camera or armed guard can keep him out. There’s only […]

5 Practical Ways to Cast Your Cares on Jesus

Do you struggle with worry, stress or fear? You can go free and never worry another day in your life! What am I going to do? Have you ever had that thought? A seeming crisis looms in your finances or your job, you received a bad report about your health, or an important relationship seems to […]

36 Scriptures About Praising in the Storm

When times are tough, our thoughts are often pulled to the quickest solution or even fears about how things could get worse. Singing songs and shouting praise are not at the forefront of our minds. But if you’re in a storm right now, praising God is EXACTLY what you need to do. That’s why the […]

25 Scriptures About Laughter and Joy

Got joy? If you’ve been caught in a season of disappointment or struggles, maybe you’ve lost your joy, and as a result, laughter is a rare occurrence. You’ve likely heard the old adage that laughter is the best medicine. That happens to come from the Bible! Proverbs 17:22 is true—a merry heart really does a […]