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Protection from a Storm or Tornado

12 Sep 2015

With every day that passes, you can be grateful that God has provided His people with a place of refuge. That protection is available to you, your family and your home 24 hours a day, seven days week. If the weather reports that a storm is immanent or you live in an area that has been struck by storms or tornados, then implement this plan of protection and be thankful that God has provided you a refuge.


1. When You Need Protection from a Storm, Rely on Psalm 91

Begin to study Psalm 91. It gives you a picture of the protection that is afforded you as a child of God—if you rely on it and stand on God’s Word. When weather patterns begin to form that promise devastation, you can be like the man in Psalm 91 who dwells in the secret place of the Most High. You can say with confidence: “The Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust!” (verses 1-2, The Amplified Bible).
2. When You Need Protection from a Storm, Trust in God

Take your cue from King David in the Bible. If anyone ever needed help in time of trouble, David did. Throughout his life, he faced a lot of trouble and threats of trouble. He had to fight the lion and the bear that attacked his father’s sheep. He had to single-handedly slay the murderous giant, Goliath. But he could do it all without fear because he had this revelation: “Praise the Lord, who is my rock… He is my loving ally and my fortress, my tower of safety, my rescuer. He is my shield, and I take refuge in him…” (Psalm 144:1-2, emphasis added).

Look again at those last two words that have been italicized for emphasis because they’re especially important. God’s sheltering power doesn’t just fall on you like an apple off a tree. You have to do something to appropriate it. You have to actively “take refuge” in God by having faith in and receiving everything God offers—including protection.
3. When You Need Protection from a Storm, Resist Fear

Focus on God’s promises of protection until all fear has been eradicated from your heart. Then you will be able to say with confidence, “I’m hidden in the secret place of the Most High! He saves me from violent storms and tornadoes. He’s my refuge, my defense and my very present help in time of trouble.”
4. When You Need Protection from a Storm, Obey the Holy Spirit

If you want to stay safe in God’s refuge, you must obey Him. You must do what He tells you to do in His Word and through the voice of the Holy Spirit inside you. When storms threaten, ask the Holy Spirit what you need to do. Do you need to leave for a shelter, remain at your home, move your car, cover your windows, pull your children out of school, go about your day as usual, what? Only the Holy Spirit can give you clear direction, but whatever He directs you to do, do it!


Over the last several years, many areas have experienced deadly storms and tornados, but thankfully, you don’t have to be afraid. You can take refuge in the Lord, trust in Him and His Word, obey His Holy Spirit and stand fear-free. You can enjoy the protection of the Lord when you put these points into practice, and enjoy knowing that storms and tornados no longer have a hold on you, your family or your home!

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