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Is Your Spiritual Life Boring?

12 Sep 2015

Are you excited about what the Lord is doing in your life? Do you live in constant contact with Him and see the Holy Spirit regularly working in your daily life, work and relationships?

Or is your spiritual life boring? Do you love the Lord, read your Bible, attend church and serve in outreaches without any real passion?

Many Christians find themselves in this predicament. They are saved and living free from destructive habits, and they love the Lord. But something is still holding them back from all that God has for them. Quite possibly, there are some very real things keeping them from living a truly successful Christian life. Hebrews 12:1 calls these things “weights.” Let’s look at three weights that could be keeping you from experiencing all God has for you:


You probably remember the passage in Luke 10:38-42 where Jesus was visiting friends, the two sisters Mary and Martha. Mary sat enraptured at Jesus’ feet, hanging on every word He said. Her sister Martha, by contrast, was racing around serving everyone and getting more and more frustrated with her sister’s lack of help. She was caught in the trap of busyness. Jesus advised her to follow Mary’s example, put the busyness aside and focus on Him. If your life is so full that you rush through your Bible reading and prayer time, then you’ll be unable to hear what the Lord is saying or see what He is doing.


Psalm 19:14 says, “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” Refuse to let distractions—relationships, commitments, to-do lists, etc.—fill your thoughts to the point that you can’t focus on the Lord and His Holy Spirit.


The Lord promises to reward faithfulness (Proverbs 28:20; Luke 16:10-12), but there is a difference between faithfulness and mindless routine. If you find yourself going through the motions of reading the Word, attending church, serving and every other good thing, then you will become numb to it. Make the quality decision to focus on the Word when you are reading it. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal its truth to you. Be purposeful as you worship the Lord with your church attendance, your worship, your prayers and your service.


If you want more out of your spiritual life, if you want a spiritual life that is not boring, but vibrant and fulfilling, then you need to get rid of the weights. Get rid of the busyness, distractions, mindless routine and anything else that would hold you back. God doesn’t want you to have a boring spiritual life. He wants you to experience all the wonderful blessings His Son died to give you. They’re anything but boring!

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