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How Do I Have a Relationship With Jesus?

12 Sep 2015

When it comes to relationships, there’s no better place to start than with the most important relationship of all: your relationship with the Lord. If that’s not in order, then all your other relationships will be out of order, too (Matthew 6:33). God Himself has said in His Word that He wants to have a close relationship with us. First Corinthians 1:9 says He’s called us into fellowship with Him!

We may have thought we were fellowshipping with Him, but most of the time all we are really doing is having a string of emergency meetings—waiting until a crisis develops and then running to God for an answer. Emergency praying may give you relief. But fellowship—the intimacy of everyday closeness—is what gives you joy. Fellowship is not just a relationship. You can have a relationship without fellowship, but it’s like having a marriage without love. The basic structure is there, but the heart of it is missing.

You’ll never truly know God’s will and way for you (and know Him for who He really is) until you learn to fellowship with Him. Develop a good friendship with Him. Decide to become a “Word person.” Make God’s Word first place and the final authority in your life. No matter what the world says, no matter what practicality says, no matter what your feelings say—walk with God and make your friendship with Him the most important thing in your life.

The moment you turn to Him, He’ll be there for you. But don’t wait until hard times come to turn to Him. Fellowship with the Lord daily when things are going well so that when trouble comes, you’ll be spiritually strong enough to overcome. God says, “I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him” (Psalm 91:15). That’s important. In time of trouble, who is with you makes a big difference. When you’re connected with God, you can be sure you’ll come through just fine.

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