I Am Lifting You Up With Me

“This is the coming – this is the year of the open door and it’s a door opened to higher places in the realm of the kingdom. For I am lifting you up with Me. You will learn to see things through My eyes. You’ll walk with Me. I’ll walk with you. And disasters will […]

We’re Not Going Out Empty-Handed

“Don’t ever say, don’t ever say, ‘Well, there’s not anything going on in my area.’ Don’t ever say, ‘Well, there’s not anything going on in my country.’ ‘Oh yeah, but Brother Copeland, you don’t understand what kind of leaders we have.’ Oh don’t. No! The LORD said don’t ever say things like that. “You remember […]

‘Come to the Table’

(Tongues) “I got plans that you ain’t even ever dreamed of,” saith The LORD, “far beyond your wildest imagination, and I did it just for you. Heaven is overloaded with things that I have prepared for your enjoyment. And, if you’ll just simply come to that place where you just say, ‘God, I’m so grateful,’ […]

We Have Been Raised Up

“I invited you to My throne and you said, ‘Oh no, LORD, I’m not qualified.’ I invited you into My very own life, and health and you said, ‘Oh no, LORD, I’m unworthy.’ I shed My blood and gave you an invitation to come boldly and sit on the throne of grace, and find mercy […]