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‘You’ll Have to Listen to Me!’

Kenneth Copeland

25 Apr 2011

“Don’t you remember in My WORD that it says, ‘Eye has not seen, neither has ears heard, neither has entered into the heart of man, what I have in store for those who love Me’? Do you remember My WORD saying that?” saith The LORD. “Remember My plan for all men for all time was the Garden of Eden. My plan was that that should have been the worst condition the human man would have ever seen because it was all good from there on—far richer than that Garden. That was not man’s best”…I haven’t changed. THE BLESSING of Abraham is the Eden covenant. But you’ll have to listen to Me,” saith The LORD. “Adam wouldn’t listen to Me, and if you don’t listen to Me I can’t get into your hands what I have designed for you. But it’s My desire to prosper you beyond human reason. Human reasoning is based on facts. Heaven’s reasoning is based on the future of God’s dreams. He knows the beginning from the end. Oh! The end is stunning! Hallelujah.”

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