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Word of The LORD and Vision given to Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland

22 Aug 2021

A Blanket of Blood

“This morning as we prayed, I suddenly saw a blanket of blood. It rippled like it had like a slight breeze on it. And as I watched this blanket of blood, it was everywhere—particularly over the United States and over our Partners everywhere. Then, a golden layer, a golden aura, a golden cloud was right on top of the blood. It came up out of the blood and was stunningly beautiful. Angels began to crisscross over the top of all of that cloud. Golden rainbows came up out of that.

“I saw healing—the healing of lungs. I heard the scriptures this morning as they came out of that song, about breathing God down into our lungs and people rising up. I knew in my spirit, and I said it out loud with my mouth, ‘Our breakthrough has come.’ The destruction and the final takedown of this synthetic virus that has been made by men as a weapon has fallen. It is destroyed. Thank God, we are through this thing if we will take hold of these words and this vision and the Bible by faith. It is faith in the Name of Jesus that works.

“It’s faith. As Terri said, it’s faith in the blood. It’s faith in The WORD. It’s faith in the Name. We praise and give honor and glory to where glory is due to that Name.

It Is the Name of Jesus

“It is because of the Name of Jesus. The Name. He humbled Himself. He became as a man. He made Himself obedient unto death. God has highly exalted Him and has given Him the Name which is above every name that is named. You can’t name a name that His Name doesn’t have authority and dominion over. We give praise and honor to God through that Name.

“I can see it again. I see it again and I’m seeing it again. Oh, praise You, Father. Praise You, Father. I see sins that people are picking up, as they would pick up a rock, and throw them out there and watch them fall into that blood. The blood just swallows it up and it’s gone. It is completely out of sight. Any strife that happened on the way to church this morning, just throw it. Just throw it and by the time you take Communion this morning, it will already be not under the blood. It will be in the blood.

The Ocean of Blood

“This ocean of blood, I’m seeing right now. We give praise for the cleanliness and the air of cleanliness. The A-I-R—the air of cleanliness is coming up out of the blood to breathe into our lungs. No lung disease can stand and stay in the presence of the blood. No tuberculosis. No asthma. No bronchitis. No disease. No sickness can stand in the presence of it. It falls beneath the feet of the Master Himself. And we give honor and praise and worship this morning. We praise You, LORD Jesus. We praise and worship You, Father. Oh, thank You, LORD Jesus, for rising up on the inside of us as a church and as a ministry today. It’s wonderful just to be in Your Presence in the Name of Jesus.”

The Ocean Became a River

“I closed my eyes once again. The ocean of blood became a river. The river began to branch off. As it branched off, I saw it flowing into houses and homes. There are branches of that ocean flowing into government offices. I see it. Oh, my God. My God! It’s in Afghanistan. My God! It’s going toward every American in Afghanistan and all the Christians there. Sweeping, sweeping, sweeping. Our Partners in China. Glory to God. Our Partners in the United Arab Emirates. Our Partners throughout the world. It’s branching out. It’s branching out. It’s reaching to whomever will receive it.

Revelation About the Blood

“Revelation is coming about Jesus and His blood. Revelation is coming into Muslim homes about Jesus and His blood. It’s coming into people’s houses who never even heard of the Name. Jesus is manifesting Himself and talking about His blood and showing His scars. That blood is falling now over the top of houses. It’s flowing over the top of houses, protecting them from fires. It’s flowing over the top of houses, protecting them from theft and robbery. It’s flowing in places that nobody ever dreamed that it would be. It has come. The end time is here and the blood is flowing, preparing the way for the catching away of the Church. It is good and it’s real. And the wickedness in other nations trying to start World War III can’t get it off the ground till we’re gone. Glory to God.

The Blood Is Working

“The blood is working. The blood is working in high places in China. The WORD is working in high places in Russia and Syria. The WORD is working in high places throughout Africa. It’s the blood, the blood, the blood—the WORD, the Name, the blood—the WORD, the Name, the blood, the WORD, the Name. It is working and the power of it is untold and unspeakable.

Peace Has Come

“Peace has come. Just a quiet peace. Just a quiet peace. And I hear the chirping of birds. The angels have begun to worship in a soft tone. They are worshipping in quiet tones of praise. The golden aura has lifted and has come up before the Throne and settled there. Words coming out of the golden aura are speaking names—names of unsaved loved ones. Speaking names of people who are sick and approaching death that it’s not time for them to die. People are rising up and giving honor and glory where it is due. And the worshipping of the saints all over the world is coming up.

“I see in that mist, that golden mist before the Throne, all kinds of languages. Outstanding in that golden aura is the Hebrew language and it dances. It just dances across in it, in that place of the throne of grace.

“And oh, the smile on the Savior’s face and all of those who have gone before us. All of them are aware of what is happening today. Especially those of our own personal families here in this church and our own personal families. Glory to God. And I thank You. Oh. (laughing)

A Look Into Heaven

“There is Brother Hagin! There is Brother Hagin! There is Brother Roberts. There is Evelyn and Oretha. There is my mom and dad. There is Gloria’s mom and dad. Glory to God! Glory to God! (Tongues)

The Rebirth of the United States

“There are words coming up out of that golden cloud that nobody can understand, and nobody can utter. I’m convinced they are words that the Father is speaking that no man knows yet because the resurrection is at hand. In these last few moments and these last few seconds, in heavenly time, embedded in those last few moments and seconds is the rebirth of the United States of America. We take these moments and we look into the future and we see her. We see her sickness healed.

Military Sacrifice

“Oh, my God! Oh, Jesus! That wave across there. I see it. I see it. I see it. That wave across there that looked like the sea of blood has all of a sudden turned red, white and blue. The flag. The flag. Oh, dear LORD God! I see it. The prayers have come up before the Throne. The blood that was shed for this nation and in this nation. There is a large upward fold of that flag. What is that coming out under that fold? LORD, what is that? It’s the spirit of the soldiers and the sailors and the marines and the airmen and all of those who have walked in God and laid down their lives for this nation. Oh, glory to God.

Peace for the Nations

“And now the flag is laid out flat. Just flat like the ocean of blood. The flag is laid out flat before God, indicating peace for this nation. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. As in the 53rd chapter of the book of Isaiah, the chastisement of our shalom was upon Jesus Himself. And then we know all of that was fulfilled in the 8th chapter of Matthew, the 14th through the 17th verses.

“When Jesus came to Peter’s house, He saw his wife’s mother laid with a fever. He touched her hand and the fever left her. As they sat down and finished their meal, they brought many who were possessed with devils. He cast out the devils with His word. He healed many that were sick, fulfilling that which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying, ‘He took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses.’ That includes the nation. That includes every nation, all peoples, and not just this country.

“Of course, this is a special nation because our first president dedicated it and said, “You’ll be our God and we’ll be Your people.” And we still are. And I bow my knees to the Most High God today at the Throne of grace. I give You praise and honor for the privilege and thank You for allowing me to see these things in the spirit and allowing me to utter them. And now we step into that area of peace and we’ll not let it go. We will not turn it loose. It belongs to us. And we thank You for it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Bodies Are Being Healed

“Shall we lift our hands toward heaven and reach up toward the glory and worship Him? The glory is in the house. Bodies are being healed. Thank You, Jesus. Lungs are being cleared. Sore, dry, irritated throats are being freed to speak without pain and dryness. Eyes that have had difficulty seeing are becoming clear and healed. Before the service is over with, you’ll have perfect vision. Ears that no longer are disturbing in the nighttime and just roar so terribly you can’t sleep, that’s over. A person’s right arm that had been broken and didn’t heal right, just stretch it out. It’s healed. The bones are coming straight. Weakened bones, osteopenia and osteoporosis are healed today. Bones are strong. Bone density is strong. All manner of memory problems are healed. Someone that had fallen and right at the back—the back of the crown of your skull has been very, very sore and tender to the touch, that’s healed. Knees are being healed. Ankles are being healed. Lower backs are being healed. There’s bronchitis again. That’s gone. Praise God. That’s over.

“Vertebrae problems in the neck, up and down the spine, liver sicknesses, cancers, tumors, spiritual life in tumors are gone. It’s just gone. Just wiped out. The blood flow. The blood flow. The blood flow. High blood pressure is gone. Glory to God. 120/75, 120/80, settling in throughout the people, not only in this congregation but others around the world who are watching. Thank You, Jesus. Heel spurs are being dissolved. Thank You, LORD Jesus. Arthritis problems, arthritic problems, you can’t make a fist. Stretch out your hands. Spread out your fingers. If you need to, take off your shoes and stretch out your toes. Praise God.

“Problems in the digestive tract, lower, lower problems, problems in the colon. Of course, where all viruses incubate is in the colon. That’s cleaned. Supernatural cleansing of the colon. Glory to God. All manner of sickness and disease, all manner of sickness and diseases are bowing their knee today to the blood, the Name and The WORD.


“Faith is rising into a new-time, all-time high. Churches all over the country that are preaching faith and preaching The WORD. The gifts of the Spirit are rising up as they are preached to places that they’ve not even manifested before. The cloud of God is beginning to descend in congregations. The cloud of glory is being manifest as we worship and as we stay in this place before the Throne. And the angels are pleased. The angels moving around in the sanctuary at Eagle Mountain International Church, angelic presence is being manifest in the songs and in the worship and in the words that will momentarily be preached and then the offerings all over the country.

“Debts, church debts, are vanishing and falling into the cloud. Thank You, LORD Jesus. Thank You, LORD Jesus. Thank You, LORD Jesus.

Habits Are Flowing Away

“Habits are just flowing away. Tobacco habits, drug habits and pornography habits are just melting and going away. Thank You, LORD Jesus. Those who have had strong, strong temptations to commit adultery, you haven’t done it, but you have strong temptations—that’s gone. Now, you’ll have to speak to it yourself in the Name of Jesus, but as you do, you can truly say, ‘That’s no longer who I am. That’s who I was.’ Oh, glory be to God. You’ll no longer stand around and say, ‘I just can’t. I can’t. I just can’t do it. I can’t do it.’ Every time you said that, doubt rose up like a mighty lion, like a mighty bear, and choked off your faith.

“But now you begin to say, ‘I can. I can do all things through Christ through His Anointing, through Him and through His Anointing. He strengthens me. I’m strong in Him. I’m strong in His might. And His might comes from His Name and His blood and His WORD.’ And faith arises.

“No sickness nor disease can stand in His presence. It can’t stand in your presence either because of Mark the 16th chapter. Jesus said, ‘In My Name, the believer, these signs will follow the believer.’ ‘They will speak with new tongues.’ (Tongues) ‘They will cast out devils. They drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them. They lay hands on the sick and the sick shall recover.’

In the Name

“He said these things only moments before He departed this earth, giving the believer the power of attorney to use His Name. That Name given unto men, and in that Name, inside that Name, the righteous run into the Name as a high tower.

“And this morning we run inside that Name, and we are lifted up in that high tower looking down on COVID as it just blows away. Looking down on sin and destruction and the spirits trying to destroy this nation, just choking and bowing their knee. Being forced to bow their knee, whether they like it or not and they crawl out of His presence.

“For we are bearers of the Anointing and the Name. And this morning, suited in His armor as knights of the mighty table, we smote our breasts and we give lead to our King and we lay our swords at His feet. And we thank Him for being empowered to fight His battles and win. We declare it so. We declare it done in the Name of Jesus. Thank You, LORD. Blessed be the Name. There’s healing in the Name. There’s peace in the Name. Amen. Thank You, LORD.

Babies Born

“And now I see little, small birds, little bluebirds, especially bluebirds, little bluebirds flying up and just fluttering around and flying in circles enjoying the peace, enjoying the words of the Master as they have flowed through my spirit and out of my mouth. Little bluebirds creating a small, little whirlwind, and out of the whirlwind are falling little rose petals, and out of those little petals more peace flowing. (Laughs)

“I see the spirits of brand-new babies who will be born in peace flowing into and going down into the earth and into the wombs of many women. People who have not been able to have children will suddenly find themselves pregnant with peaceful babies. Little peaceful babies. And no demon spirit will be able to abort these children. And they’re just popping up all over the world and they are all kinds. Oh, I see it now. That’s the reason the little flower petals were all different colors.

“The little babies are all different colors, and they can’t be aborted. They will be born. They have angels protecting them. Big angels. Their lives can’t be stopped in the earth. They’ll rise up in nations. They will become prophets. They will become apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, legislators, lawyers, doctors, medical people. They will rise up in places and preach My WORD in the many languages of the earth. They’ll come out of the midst of jungles. They’ll be born in places that are very strange and speak strange languages.

Children Part of the Great Outpouring

“Many of them here in the Unites States and Canada will be part of the great Outpouring of both of these nations. For they will begin to speak words of faith and power when they are young children. And they’ll bring many people to The LORD and their parents will be astounded. And people will begin to say, ‘These little children are bringing the face of Jesus into our families and into our places of worship and into our businesses.’ And music, oh, new hymns of the Church will come out of these children, born of the heavenly petals of flowers. And we give praise and honor to Jesus.

“Now it looks like a flower garden all over this nation spreading out to other nations. Gorgeous flowers! And Jesus in the midst of that garden, walking through with His hand just above the flowers, waving His hands over those flowers, blessing their eternal existence. And words coming out of His mouth that natural man can’t understand.

Jesus Is Coming Very Soon

“And then Jesus looks up to the Father and He says, ‘Now, LORD? Now, Father? Is it time for Me to come? Is it time for Me to go get them and bring them home? Is it time?’ Very soon. Very soon. Very, very soon.”

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