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What Are You Going to Do?

Kenneth Copeland

9 Nov 2019

“There have been those who have pressed and pushed, kicked and fought, trying to bring destruction to this nation. There have been those who have purposely set out to destroy it. Some in this country and some in foreign lands. Don’t get the idea that I am unattending when it comes to this place. Don’t get the idea that it means nothing to Me. For you see, I work all the time. I work behind the scenes. I work in the scenes. I work on top of the scenes, beyond the scenes and the bottom of the scenes, and all the way around the scenes. And I will not allow this nation to fall in the Name of Jesus. You just depend on that. You know it. You understand it.

“Why would I allow this nation to fall when the lion’s portion of the gospel of Jesus is being preached and originates here? I will never forget it,” saith The LORD. “This is My country. It’s not just yours. It’s Mine. It’s Mine. It’s Mine. I bought and paid for it and I gave it to you! So what are you going to do with it? I’ll tell you what you’re going to do with it. You’re going to pray for her. You’re going to stand in the gap for her.”

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