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An Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Kenneth Copeland

10 Nov 2018

What about 2019? Will there be conflicts? Will there be wars? Rumors of wars, testing and trials?

Yes, there will. But it will not come nigh you. It will not come nigh your household. This United States has come under My protection, sayeth the Lord Jesus Christ. And I am watching over it. The same as I wept over Jerusalem, because they would not allow Me to watch over them, they wouldn’t come to Me. But you have come to Me, sayeth the Lord. You have called upon Me, I have heard the prayers of My people, I have heard your prayers and I especially heard the prayers of people of faith that know how to pray and have sought My Name and sought My face. And you have been heard on High, sayeth the Lord.

This is the time that you’ve been praying about. These are the days that have been coming and coming and coming since the early 1980’s. When I began to say, and it was prophesied of old, that there would be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit greater than anything that’s ever come to this Nation. Greater than anything, eventually greater than anything that’s ever been seen on this planet. Signs, wonders and miracles from on High. Magnificent operations of the Holy Spirit, and many have prayed and prayed and sought Me concerning this. Well it’s here, sayeth the Lord. It is here!  And not only in the United States. There’s great revival taking place across the South Pacific, there’s great revival taking place in the islands of the world. There is great revival happening in Australia right now, sayeth the Lord.

I am moving by My Spirit and you are a major part of it. Be expectant, expect it in your heart, not to just have something happen to you, in order, your house, the house of this Nation, is finely coming in order. I’m not talking about the House of Representatives; I’m not talking about Congress I’m talking about the people”. Glory to God! Amen. “I’ve been handling politicians for many years and I can take care of them. And your politicians are nothing compare to Pharaoh. And I jerked the slack out of him and I’m taking care of things in your place too”.

“So, rejoice and give Me praise”, sayeth the Lord, “for I know, and I understand”, saith the Spirit of Grace,” that there’s great need for an outpouring of My Spirit. I know that and it’s been poured out more than you realized because you only see locally. I’m seeing the whole earth. Oh, you have no idea, all you hear in the news is about the Government of China. You have no idea. You have no earthly idea what’s happening in China”. Amen. Hallelujah. So, give praise, give honor where honor is due and continue to rejoice, continue to say all is well in the Kingdom of God. All is well in the household of Faith”.

“And I rejoice that the end is so close Jesus is coming so soon. Oh yes,” sayeth the Lord. “And I have such a desire to come and get you, I have such a yearning to come catch you away. I want this more than you do, but not until our Father says. I don’t know I don’t know the day neither do you. Oh but it’s soon, it’s sooner than you think, it’s sooner even than you think, and you think it’s sooner than most people do, but I’m coming”.

Give Him praise, Glory to God.

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