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We Are Victorious

Kenneth Copeland

3 Jul 2009

(Tongues) “I need those that would walk out My WORD in the times of great pressure in the earth. Of course, great revelation will come during the millennium but that’s for the millennium’s time. The serious need is in the time of the “now” while principalities and powers, and rulers of darkness and wicked spirits in heavenly places are bringing great pressure on people and humanity in this day.

“For these are the times when My revelation is so important. But not only that, what you learn here and now is vitally important for the generations that are to come, even after Satan is long forgotten. For I said when I was on the earth and it’s recorded in My WORD—There has never been anything like the Body of Christ and there never will be again. The record, the record for all future ages is being established now.

“And the reason for that,” saith The LORD, “is because your victory came in the midst of great darkness and warfare. Your victory came on My WORD when all present said My WORD could not carry it out. But it did and there will never be another glorified class of man again. You will walk in My glory, you will walk side by side with Me and all future generations, all through the millennium, all through the future generations of the new heaven and the new earth, there will be those that will refer to you and say, ‘There goes one of them there. Ah, that’s one of the glorified ones. They are the ones that won our victory. Their scars are still apparent.’ I need that revelation in the earth. I need you to believe Me. I need you to be in victory and I need you to get old and die young at an old age.

“For you are My vessels in the earth. Of course, I can and I will completely overcome. But I greatly appreciate and honor those who have honored My WORD, as did the Apostle Paul when he said to leave would be wonderful and to be with Christ far better, far better. Ah, but he said for your sakes it’s more expedient for me to stay. And those that have made the same decisions over the centuries, that because of the sake of their brethren, and because of the welfare of the kingdom of God, and of the Body of Christ and in honor of the throne and the One who sits there upon it, I have honored them and will continue to honor them and they especially have fitted for themselves the crown of glory.” Hallelujah. Praise God.

“The crown of life is not gained in heaven and in the future. The crown of life is gained in combat standing against the curse, standing against death. Standing against sin, sickness, demons, fear and all that darkness has thrust upon the creation of God. And in these last days they will be manifest and many there shall be that can stand before Me and with great pleasure I confer that crown. And it blesses Me, and it blesses humanity and it will certainly bless you. So stretch your faith, reach for it, lift up your eyes to a higher place. Keep your eyes on Me, go forward and you will become much greater and it will go on your record throughout eternity. And I’ll say again, there will be those in the future that will just smile and shout, ‘There goes another one. Oh dear LORD, I wish I could have lived in that day. To have walked with the glorified ones and to know the Master face to face and eye to eye and hear Him call my name the way He speaks theirs is beyond all blessing.’”

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