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This Is MY Country!

Kenneth Copeland

4 Jul 2018

“I’m at work,” saith The LORD. “I’m at work. I’m doing things in the nation of Israel and I’m doing things in the United States. There are things happening in the spirit that you can’t see. Oh, if you could see,” saith The LORD, “what I see, if you could know what I know, oh, you’d be shouting all day long. You’d be shouting all day long. For you see, all that the United States has been going through for quite some time now, actually since 9/11, all these things are birth pangs to the rebirth of this nation. And on the 20th day of January of last year that new birth began. And it looks like turmoil and it is turmoil. It looks like to you, ‘Oh, my! We’re on the precipice of losing our country.’ No, you’re not. I will not allow that,” saith The LORD. “You have to understand this is My country just the same as it is yours. This is the only country in the history of this planet that was ever formed,” saith The LORD Jesus, “for the purpose of worshipping Me, and I will never forget that it was a people who loved Me.

“I founded the nation of Israel because I love them. But this came into existence by a people who love Me,” saith The LORD Jesus. “And I say again, I will never forget it. It’s not over until I say it’s over,” saith The LORD. “See, you call it your country and it is. You should, and you should love it and be very passionate about it. There’s not another one like it anywhere. But you have to remember, it’s My country too! It was given to Me and I received it. This is Mine. This is My country and I love it, and I’ll not let her go,” saith The LORD.

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We are called to minister together.

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