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The Victory Is at Hand

Kenneth Copeland

11 Nov 2010

“Take these words, receive them and know that they come from on high. Be BLESSED. Yes. Take heart. Yes. But understand I will never let you go. I will never leave you,” saith The LORD. “And you and I together have a job to do, and it’s closer to being finished than you imagined. For it’s our turn. We win. So, give praise for the victory and know that it is at hand. The victory that you’ve longed for, the victory that you’ve sought after, and the victory that you’ve seen from My WORD is at hand,” saith The LORD.

“The time is come for the outpouring that’s been promised. The time has come for Me to manifest Myself and for you to know and see and walk in things far beyond what your mothers and your fathers and your grandfathers walked in. For this is the time of My visitation,” saith The LORD. “There’s never been one like it before and it’s going to increase and increase and increase, and will never let off or let up, even unto the catching away of the Church. Hallelujah.

“The wave is rising and rising, and the momentum has turned. It has turned. Hallelujah. And instead of going for destruction, it is going for awakening. The times promised are at hand. So enjoy the coming and the stirring of the Spirit of God. For these words this week that I have called upon My people to share in My service, to share with you, are words that have been planned since the foundation of the world. They will be obedient to Me, and you will hear if you’ll open your ears and you’ll see if you open your eyes. For the time of revelation has been stepped up. And going into 2011 you will receive more revelation, more often, more easily than you ever have before. And it’s not because of more effort on your part. No. It’s because of supernatural increase from heaven. Hallelujah.”

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