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The Earth Is Filled With the Glory!’

Kenneth Copeland

3 Apr 2006

“Come up here. Come up to a higher place,” saith The LORD, the God of Heaven and earth. “Come up here with Me. I’ll show you things you know not of. I will reveal not only Myself to you; I will reveal yourself to you. I will reveal to you the way I see you, the way I know you. For you know that My WORD says that ‘when I come you will see me as I am and you will be like me.’ But you’re far more like Me now than you think you are because I look on the heart and not on the mind or the body. Come up here, come up here with Me. Set your affections on things that are above.

“Ah, oh the marvel of it all, the wonders of it all. For Heaven is thoroughly and completely prepared. For you see We have been preparing a place for you. I said when I was on the earth to those that followed Me and those that were known as My own, I said to them, ‘I am going to prepare a place for you and you can eventually come there.’ Well that’s what We’ve been doing now for 2,000 years, is preparing the place. We have been preparing for our gathering, We have been preparing,” saith The LORD, “but the house is finished. The place is ready for you. Amen.

“Those that have gone before you are longing for our time together. But none of them, none of you, none of them, nobody here is longing for you the way that I am,” saith The LORD. “I long for you to be here. I long for you to see Me. I long for you to look in My eyes. I long for you to hear my voice with your very ears. I long for all of this. And oh, it’s much sooner than you think. Yes, the house is complete. The angels are ready and the biggest work is yet to come. But the biggest work will take the least amount of time.

“There are more people in the earth. May I change your way of thinking for a moment? People look at the earth and they say, ‘Oh my there’s only 1 billion or so Christians and there are a few billion of this and a few billion of that.’ And that is not the way I see it,” saith The LORD. “I look on those that know my name and two of them are worth 10,000 of the other. I look on those that know how to pray and only a few years ago there were not very many people that could pray effectively. Ah, but this is a different day. There are those like you that are hungry, that are seeking, that are reaching, that are growing, that are honoring My WORD and honoring My ways and honoring My Name. And he that honors Me, him I will honor.

“And there are more on the earth today that know how to pray. Know how to walk in the spirit. Know how to exercise their faith and get somebody saved and get somebody healed and get somebody filled with the Holy Ghost. There’s more than there ever has been in all of the earth’s time put together.” Ha, ha, ha. Yeah. Thank You, LORD. I never had put those two together. “Yes, the earth is filled with the glory! And men shall see it; they’re going to see it on you.”

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