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‘Surely, the Glory Has Come!’

Kenneth Copeland

24 Dec 2005

“When people hear the phrase ‘days of heaven on earth’ spoken by the prophet in the book of Deuteronomy, and then spoken by Kenneth Hagin, they think about and conjure up thoughts of days of ease and days of plenty. And well enough. That is part of it. But days of heaven on earth that will come in 2006 are manifestations of what Jesus said, ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’

“And the ministry of Jesus in the earth: His preaching ministry, His anointing to heal the sick, and to raise the dead, and bring sight to the blind and make straight the bones of the lame—this anointing and this ministry are manifestations of heaven on the earth. The Father and the Son in perfect union, walking as one among men, bringing delight and wonders and signs upon the earth that the living God reigns.

“And this is the way it will be in 2006—the Father, the Son, Jesus and His Body walking together in the earth as one. And wondrous, marvelous things are going to happen— wondrous beyond human imagination and thought will take place.

“People will see the miraculous right in front of their very eyes. And it will not be just as it was in the days of Jesus. It will not be in the synagogue only. It will not be in the church house only. It will not be in conventions and meeting places only. It will happen on the street. It will happen in the market place. It will happen wherever the Body of Christ is. Jesus will be manifesting Himself among men. Even the heathen will say, ‘What a time is this? What kind of crossroads have we come to? Is it even that God is walking among men?’

“There are those who will shout and say, ‘Yes, it is!’ And they will fall on their faces in places of business, and in stores, and in sporting arenas and certainly in churches and meetings and conventions and on television—for manifestations of heaven on earth are at hand. So rejoice and renew your faith in the supernatural, for it is time for the words, and the faith, and the preaching that has gone on before us to come to pass and come to full maturity. We will stand up and say, ‘Surely the glory has come down.’”

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