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‘Rise Up and Know!’

Kenneth Copeland

4 Aug 2021

“For you see, in the Spirit you are walking in that Name—the same Name that I bore when I was on the earth. My same Name you are bearing now. For you have been named after Me, and by My Spirit you walk like Me and you talk like Me. And you get back what we lost at the tower of Babel when I had to confuse their words and confuse their languages because they were in a place where if they could imagine it, they could do it. Well, if you can imagine it from The WORD, you can have it. You can do it. It’s yours. It belongs to you. Healing belongs to you. My Father belongs to you. Heaven belongs to you. The earth belongs to you. So rise up and know that it’s God…and by that Name and through those words I will see to it that you know more than you think you know.”

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