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Prophecy About the United States

Kenneth Copeland

11 Mar 2014

“Stay with Me, saith the Lord, and together we will see the good, know the good, and enjoy the good. For the establishment of My desire and dream for the United States, and what I planned in this part of the world is just now coming to fruition. The revelation of My word and restoration of truth that’s taken place in the last one hundred years predominantly in the United States and from the United States. Do you think I will forget that? Do you think I’ve turned My head as some have said? No, no. This nation belongs to Me, saith the Lord. I set up the nation of Israel because I love Abraham and I love My people. But the United States is the only nation founded by a group of people that love Me and want to worship Me and wanted Me for a God. Do you think I forget that? No. Again I say no, saith the Lord, and your deliverance is at hand. So lift up your eyes. Lift up your eyes. Lift up your voice and know that I am God and know that My arm is not shortened that I cannot deliver. And when I have a people that will obey Me, and lift their voice and praise Me, and put Me first in their hearts and minds and lives, then there is no problem of any kind in any land that’s too big for Me to heal and change because of a people that have Me in their heart. Because I have you in My heart, saith the Lord. And together we will get this done.”

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