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‘Our Time Has Come!’

Kenneth Copeland

19 Aug 2016

“There’s never been a time like this,” saith The LORD. “The best of times and the worst of times. Judgment is here. All over the world, Babylonian, socialistic systems have hit the cap and they’re tumbling and tumbling. There are so many Muslims who are coming to God in such huge numbers. This is what has the Muslim extremists so determined, frightened and scared. They are losing it and they know it!

“So don’t be sad! Rejoice! Our time has come. For we are the Christian extremists. And we know,” saith The LORD, “that the final hours are approaching and we must work.

“And watch what I can do,” saith The LORD. “I’ll change things right in your very presence. I’ll cause you to think things that you thought you lost. I’ll cause you to think things you’ve never thought before, and we’ll go together and we’ll walk together. And then we’ll begin to pick up the pace. And then we’ll begin to run together. And I’ll cause you to run and not be weary. I’ll cause you to walk and not faint. For this is My time as well as yours,” saith God. “And we’re going to do this thing together.”

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We are called to minister together.

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We are called to minister together.

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We are called to minister together.

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