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News Before It Happens

Kenneth Copeland

31 Aug 1984

God speaks to His people in many different ways concerning His will. One way is through the utterance gifts of the Holy Spirit—words placed in the mouth of God’s servant by the Holy Spirit and then spoken to the nation. These words were delivered through Kenneth Copeland during the Fort Worth, Texas Southwest Believers’ Convention. They were given for the building and uplifting of the body of Christ. Allow these words to bring a fresh light on the move of the Spirit of God in these last days.

By My Spirit, saith the Lord…

I am going from village to village, from city to city, from nation to nation, from town to town. I’m going from shore to shore, and from mountaintop to valley seeking out and recruiting an army. I’m looking for those that will join with Me in forming the most powerful, spiritual alma mater in the history of this planet.

These are the days of My vengeance, saith God. These are the days of My vengeance to vindicate the blood. These are the days when I will come down on darkness with all the weight and the power that Light has to thrust.

I am ready to throw the body of Christ into vast battle array, into the face of darkness and cripple the demons of darkness and cause them to crawl on their belly at the feet of the body of Christ. Once this occurs the devil will never rise to his feet again until after the catching away of the church.

I Am, and I will. I have said it, and I will accomplish it, saith the Lord. I will have a glorious church and the gates and authority of hell will not prevail against it. It will not prevail against it. I’m calling people from every walk of life. I’m calling on people to do things that I’ve not called on people to do before.

Do you not remember in My Word where I sent the man Ananias to pray and to minister to Paul? I have shown this man what he must suffer for My name’s sake. I’ve never asked anybody to go to war without knowing the price of the conflict. And he agreed and together we established the fact that the New Covenant would work for Gentile or Jew in the face of darkness. And that it would stand, and having done all, the covenant would stand against all that would come against it.

I am the great I Am, saith the Lord. My day and My hour has come. When My day and My hour came to be baptized in water, no man could stop me. When My hour came to be born in a manger, no devil could stop Me. When My hour came, Herod and all of his troops could not stop what was happening in the earth. It is no different now. I have chosen this hour and I have chosen this generation to be the generation that shall stand in great light and in great power. And while the devil creates a whirlwind here and a whirlwind there, and a storm here and a storm there, they will not have any impact or any effect on My plan and what I am doing with this army that I am building.

There’s a number in this army that have been training for years. A number of you that have been training and you have been involved in small skirmishes here and there and the other place, and some of you feel as though you are battle scarred veterans. Oh, you have no concept of the victory that is in store for you. You have in your wildest dreams no concept of what I’m going to allow to come to you in victory over darkness and over sin and over sickness and over demons and over fear. As in the days of My earthly ministry when there were men that came back to me and said, “Lord even the devils are subject to us in Your name,” I said, “Rejoice for your names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.” Even the great things that they saw will only be child’s play compared to the miraculous that shall occur in these days and has even already begun and is in its light stages now.

Don’t look and say, “Oh, it’s gonna happen one of these days.” It’s already happening. I’m uncovering revelation after revelation. I promised you that it would all be uncovered by the time this is done… For these are the days of the greatest revelation of all…

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