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‘My Name Is Eternal!’

Kenneth Copeland

13 Nov 2021

“Understand this. Allow this to sink down into the most lower parts of your very being. You know My Name. My Name is eternal. And when you have My Name you have Me, because My Name can do in the earth everything that I did while I was in the earth,” saith The LORD. For a good name is a powerful name, and a bad name is a powerful name. Satan’s name was not always Satan or Adversary. At one time, his name was Lucifer. That has become an ugly name in the mind of Christians. But in the beginning, that name meant “Morning Star.” But he pushed his name into a place where he did not belong, and it cost him his eternal existence. But My Name, My Name,” saith The LORD, the Christ, “My Name is eternal. And you’ve been named after Me.”

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