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It’s Time for the Body of Christ to Rise Up!

Kenneth Copeland

16 Jan 2007

“These are the times when heaven and earth will come together. This is what Amos spoke of when he said, ‘there is coming a day when the sower and the reaper shall walk side by side.’ Those days have come. They came when Jesus came into the earth and operated and functioned in the earth—in the spirit as one flowing motion. And the time has come for the Body of Christ exactly work the same way.
“In one flowing motion, speaking spiritual things that immediately turn to natural things, and natural things that begin to respond and flow, and go to and fro. Because of spiritual things that are being released and walking in them. For this is the time for the Body of Christ to rise up in full measure of anointing and declare these things that be so, by calling things that be not as though they were,” saith The LORD. “And they’ll come to pass immediately while you stand there and look at it.” Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank God.

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We are called to minister together.

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