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I’m Clearing My Name’

Kenneth Copeland

8 May 2009

Amen, praise God. “For these days carry a special anointing in My plan,” saith The LORD. “These are the times that the prophets of old looked into and said, ‘Oh my, that we could be in those days.’ First of all, not just because of healing manifestations or miracle manifestations—those are included,” saith The LORD. “But most of all because of the revelation of My WORD, and My life, and My presence that’s flowing among you—that you find so filling and satisfying in your spirit. For you see they didn’t have that, they didn’t know that. And for you to gather together by the hundreds and then the thousands and just feed on the revealed knowledge of My WORD, why there are those in the past that would exchange places with you instantly. To have said, ‘Oh my, would that we could have been there in those days.’

“These are the days of revelation, these are the days of liberty in My Spirit. These are the days when satan is winding up his mess and he is being pulled down in all quarters. And this is My time,” saith The LORD. “It’s My time to make the news. It’s My time for the world to wake up and understand. And you say, ‘LORD, what are You doing in these days like that?’ I’m clearing My Name,” saith God. “I’ve been lied about, I’ve been talked about, I’ve been put down. My people have been slaughtered and run over and I’m bringing this thing to an end of that,” saith The LORD. “And then will come the rest of the end time plan. And there are coming incidences that are recorded in My WORD, that all of humanity will see and they will say, ‘There is surely, there is surely a God in His heavens and He’s the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and Jesus.’” Hallelujah. Whoa, praise God. Yes, Amen.

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