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I’m Always There!

Kenneth Copeland

7 Jun 2019

“I’m always there. I’m always ready. If you’ll begin to be wise about My indwelling you, and the anointing that’s on the inside of you, I’ll come forth in most cases and do things and say things that will shock you and give you a thrill beyond measure. So, don’t get the idea that you have to be in some sort of great feeling or have some idea of ecstasy to speak forth in My language,” saith the Spirit of God. “For I’m always there. I’m always on the ready. Whether you feel good or bad has nothing to do with it. It’s what you believe in your heart and say with your mouth. And I’ll speak up and I’ll speak out, and you’ll step up and you’ll step out, and you’ll step into a place of glory where you’ve never been before.”

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