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I Will Honor Your Prayers

Kenneth Copeland

11 Jan 2007

The word of The LORD came to me. “I will never leave you. I will never forsake you, even to the ends of the world. Stay with Me,” saith The LORD. “Walk with Me. Listen to My voice. Listen in your spirit man. I’ll talk to you. I’ll lead you and I’ll guide you. Forget about your rank. Forget about all of those things; for promotion comes from Me,” saith The LORD. “I’ll see to your promotion. You just take care of business and you walk upright before Me and you be the very best you can be. I’ll take care of all the rest of it. I’ll take care of the folks at home. Dare to go to the dispensary. Dare to go to the hospital. Dare to lay your hands on the sick in My Name. I didn’t say the preacher would do this. I said the believer would lay hands on the sick and they’ll recover. I will honor your prayer on the battlefield. I’ll honor your prayer in the dispensary. I’ll honor your prayer wherever you are, whoever you are, if you’ll spend some time with Me and let Me teach you. I’ll teach your hands to war. I’ll teach your fingers to fight, but I’ll also teach your hands to heal. And I’ll bring an anointing in your life, of protection. And you walk in the love of God and I’ll take care of the rest,” saith The LORD. “I’ll finance you. I’ll see to you; for you are My beloved. That is the way I am,” saith The LORD Jesus.

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